Just what kind of “environmental justice” is raw sewage being dumped by our huge nanny-state government?

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The Article

Hey producers at, oh, for example, CTV News!  I have this story of “environmental crime” that I want to pitch to you. A pipeline spilled 3,000 barrels into some of the most pristine waters and the beaches off of the iconic Stanley Park in Vancouver!  Go crazy!

Today I happened to stumble onto a tiny article at one of your competitors, Global TV, about the Metro Vancouver government pleading guilty to charges that they negligently allowed a raw sewage spill from a government-owned sewage pipeline to occur. Onto pristine beaches. Just off of iconic Stanley Park  —  one of the most beautiful places anywhere. Around 3,000 barrels of raw sewage! The guvment! Holy shnikies eh?

Oh what? You aren’t that interested really? Huh. Weird.


Katharine Hamnett of the Environmental Justice Foundation
Katharine Hamnett of the Environmental Justice Foundation wants you to save the future. See? It says so right on her shirt.

OK! I’ll start! If it were an oil pipeline owned by an energy company, and it spilled 3,000 barrels of Texas Tea, you can be sure the enviros would call this an “environmental crime” and deploy several of their left-wing “[fill-in-the-blank]-justice” bromides like “environmental justice now!”  White_House_enviro-justice-2014-03-13_102306The you’ve got to be kidding party would be all over it, with leader Tom Mulcair even more spitting mad than usual, and Olivia Chow decrying industry as a general matter, in favor of state-controlled windmills and copious regulations against, well, everyone.

All of the non-Sun News media would carry their water too, tweeting and retweeting the “BREAKING” news (“breaking” for at least a whole day), bespeaking the horrors of the pipeline. They would go ape-shit raw-sewage and report the raw sewage out of it  —  almost always with a jaundiced eye meant to project their anti-oil, anti-pipeline, anti-any private industry agenda. And as if I had to tell you, the state-owned CBC would do a plaintive six-part series about the “crime” on their “The Passionate Eye.”

Katydid Scudderia cricket.
Katydid Scudderia cricket.

But it wasn’t an energy company’s oil pipeline. It was a government pipeline, carrying raw sewage. So we hear crickets. Or at least we would hear crickets if all the endangered (well let’s just call them endangered) Katydid Scudderia weren’t killed-off by the government’s raw sewage spill, am I right fellow occupiers?! Hey someone whistle that “Hinterland Who’s Who” tune! Can they do one of their infamous 60-second vignettes, this time about all the crickets?

As it was, the state-owned CBC division did sheepishly report it online, shockingly enough, but only in one of their outlier sections  —  the local enviro-justice-4BC section  —  of their massive CBC.ca oil-watch site. You’d be hard-pressed to find out anything in the rest of the mainstream media. Do a Google search for “metro Vancouver pleads guilty sewage.”  I found two or three tiny articles in all the mainstream media. Search CTV: Nothing. Globe & Mail  —  even their BC section: nothing. National Post? Nothing. Vancouver Sun or Province?  Nothing in the two main Vancouver newspapers! Remember, we’re still playing “CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE IF…”

A national news organization’s local, provincial Twitter account, @GlobalBC gently tweeted it out, once, this morning. So nice of them to maintain their composure in this one instance, and effectively whitewash a story of disgraceful government ineptitude, huh? They’re very cooperative and accommodating to the nanny-state.

twitter_73x73_CBCalerts_biggerCBC’s local provincial @CBCnewsBC Twitter account likewise carried it, utterly nonplussed. It wasn’t re-tweeted 80 times by their national account  —  in fact not even once this time  —  nor at their urgent red-alert @CBCalerts account, even once. They did tweet this urgent red-alert news alert this morning about an urgent story from, uh, 2009, though:

So the media and the Left at large is hypocritical and full of raw sewage. That’s not new. But here’s the penultimate conclusion to the story: this additional turd was uncritically reported in one of the two articles: “The district has agreed to pay $5,000 in fines and contribute $100,000 to an environmental damages fund.”

You enviro-conscious nanny-staters can borrow this pic!
You enviro-conscious nanny-staters can borrow this pic!

Well how agreeable of them. Good sports, huh? The government has agreed to pay a fine, with my tax dollars, to another level of government, Environment Canada, as a penalty for doing exactly the opposite of what I already paid them to do, with my tax dollars. Very generous of them. Now my tax dollars can help all Canadians pay their fines when their governments screw-up and commit what the left call “environmental crimes” when the private sector commits them.

Furthermore, do any kind of research on this, and you’ll find the government has been in breech of the government’s vast sewage treatment regulations for years and years, and have not yet been fined for that. (Here’s a 2006 article. Here’s a 2008 article.)  The government has allegedly been dumping toxic waster  —  and raw sewage  —  into our rivers and oceans. They’ve failed federal inspections countless times. Hey Chow! Maybe get Obama on the horn to get help stopping the pipelines!

What kind of funky “justice” is this? Bullraw sewage justice. And both the nanny-state government and its trusty media both stink of it.


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