Israel holds fast

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The Article

Palestinians used as pawns by sheikdoms and terrorists

The night before I was to fly to Israel in 1998 to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of that historic nation, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein started to hurl Scud missiles at it.

I was asked whether, in view of the apparent coming onslaught, I might wish to postpone my visit.

Not at all—to do so would be to capitulate to the terrorists, which is exactly the aim of the likes of dictators such as Hussein or the leaders of movements like Hezbollah.

So off I went to Israel, and, now, in my den alongside a photograph of myself shaking hands with the late Israeli prime minister Yitshak Rabin, I have a framed Star of David given me by former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the last few weeks, as hundreds of missiles supplied by Iran and launched by the terrorist movement Hezbollah savaged the Jewish state, some wondered how long the Israelis could hold out against the war against them that has now lasted for more than 55 years.

My guess is forever.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have vowed to “wipe Israel off the map of the world” and declared the Holocaust never happened, but he doesn’t understand the stature of the Israeli people themselves, or their Jewish and non-Jewish supporters around the world.

Nor did Hussein, when, in 1981, the Israeli air force launched a mission straight out of an edge-of-the-seat thriller. It flew hundreds of miles below the radar and destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor designed to provide atomic bombs for this madman.

His heir Ahmadinejad is determined to get nuclear weapons, too. If he does, he will use them against not only Israel but other western democratic nations.

Believe me, friends, we’re all in this together.

Yet there are hopeful signs.

U.S. President George W. Bush—like Ronald Reagan—is not going to allow the betrayal of the Jewish state.

And in Canada, after several decades of Liberal governments turning a blind eye to Middle East terrorists or talking hypocritically of some “moral equivalence” between democratic Israel and Arab dictatorships, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are showing steadfastness in their support of Israel.

I am not usually a supporter of the political stances of the Globe and Mail, but in its Aug. 7 edition, it asked: “If Hezbollah stopped making war against Israel, would Israel accept accept peace with Hezbollah?” The answer, yes. Then another question, “If Israel stopped its assault against Hezbollah, would Hezbollah then make peace with Israel?”

The answer, no.

Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority do not want peace with Israel. They seek only to destroy it by any means possible. Again, they won’t do it.

There are more hopeful signs in Canada, aside from Harper’s conscientious stand.

For years I have been puzzled as to why many Canadian Jewish men and women—especially in Toronto—voted Liberal.

Pierre Trudeau—in his youth somewhat openly anti-Semitic—never hid his anti-Israeli feelings, and as prime minister even referred to Jewish men and women fighting for their rights within the Soviet Union as “hooligans.”

One of these so-called “hooligans” being the world-renowned Nathan Scharansky, who spent many year in Soviet gulags, and who is now a prominent Israeli politician.

During the Jean Chretien/Paul Martin regimes, Canada matter-of-factly voted against dozens anti-Israeli resolutions put before the UN by Mideast and Third World dictatorships.

Now that charade is over.

With the Conservatives’ strong support of Israel, an increasingly number of prominent—and non-prominent—Jewish Canadians—are reportedly quitting the Liberal party and moving over to the Conservatives.

This is a tectonic shift in our nation’s political makeup, a shift with immense domestic and international ramifications—which are all positive.

Yet here’s a faultline that should demolish the entire charade that the Palestinians—used as pawns by so many sheikdoms and terrorist groups—claim they need a country and that country must be carved out of a slab of Israel.

Truth is, they already have a country—Jordan.

Fully 60% of Jordan used to be British-administered Palestine.

This is truly the faultline to the entire ruse that somehow the Israelis are occupying someone else’s nation, rather than simply defending their own.

Read up on history.

You’ll find this carefully-guarded sham to be bang-on.


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