For those of you who read my blog entry yesterday about the state-owned CBC Newsworld’s coverage of Mother’s Day, here’s a YouTube video to help turn your frown upside down.  (Yesterday the apparently obsessed with socialism CBC saw fit to bring up the issue of how much moms should be paid (by the state, presumably) for the “work”—the hitherto “unpaid labor”—of raising a family… or what some of us in the sensible set might call “life”.  I suppose that’s how socialists view life—and motherhood—and Mother’s Day, or what at least one news anchor might call “slave day” after explaining to us that “slave” might be a good way to characterize motherhood.) 

Here’s a lighter look, while still maintaining a glimmer of politics since this place (unlike the CBC) is supposed to be all about politics. 

Joel Johannesen
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