How far are you willing to go, “boiling” climate people?

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The Article

I hear them — we all hear them — all day long, every day — especially the really hot days! — reeling about the climate, um, “boiling” (“boiling” is, seriously, the latest marketing buzzword).

In a year’s time, the new word will be “molten.”

But they really don’t personally seem ready to do anything meaningful about it. Oh yes I know, they talk — a lot! — about it and repeatedly ask you  tell you  mandate that YOU  make all sorts of sacrifices. But then they jump back into their cars and those in government in their government jets and take useless global trips over and over to yet another useless virtue-signal-rich event. Like this just today! Look!

Traveling to INDIA for a CLIMATE CONFERENCE?! Which FAILED to get a RESULT? Again? I think we’re well past the point of having to call out these people for their total, and totally insulting, bullshit.

Are you one of these people who think we have to “save the planet” because we are “boiling” and “our oceans are boiling” and we’re in an “existential crisis?” A lot of sacrifices are said to be necessary. Everything from changing our whole method of propelling cars and planes and ships, to ditching our gas stoves and BBQs, to taxing the shit out of us with “carbon taxes” which hits us on every purchase of everything.

OK, fine. So how far are you really willing to go with this? Really far, if I understand correctly. If it’s as serious as you all say, surely you have to pull out all the stops (or please explain to me why you don’t). I have suggestions. But they’re only for you. Not for me. Yeah, that’s right. You. Instead of you telling us all what we need to do, this time YOU are the “you” who WE are asking to make sacrifices.  We, the climate realists and those of us with our heads still firmly attached to our bodies, we’ll just carry on our merry way, doing what we’re doing now, which is fine. Better than fine.

And surely it all has to start with (your, not our) ending all non-essential travel by car, bus, boat, or airplane That’s a gimme.


No car travel unless it’s an emergency, for example a health crisis, like you need to transport your child to the hospital. People will have to walk or bike for any other purpose. It’s an existential crisis!

No truck traffic either, obviously, since they’re even worse than cars vis-a-vis the evil CO2. So no delivery of anything, except locally grown food from local farms. (In winter in Canada, expect very few deliveries of said food from said local farms, which are all buty frozen — or swamps on the west coast).

No travel by cruise ship, since clearly that’s “not needed.” It’s a huge global industry, this travel industry including the cruise industry, and a huge industry in Vancouver bringing in millions of dollars, but… crisis, you see, demands we forgo all that.

No container shipping either except for medical supplies and emergency equipment (no shipments of TVs, iPhones, clothes, furntiture, or anything that could be made locally, including foodstuffs).

No ferry travel unless it’s to get to a doctor or hospital.

For that matter… hmm. Maybe people shouldn’t even be allowed to live far from government hospitals or government schools or government mass transport methods, or the still-private food stores. That would make it simpler and more “sustainable!” Save the Earth! Think they won’t mandate that in time? Here’s a (massively edited by them) video tweeted (X-ed!) by Pierre Poilievre today (I won’t post the whole tweet, just the vid). Watch through to the end. If you can manage to divert your attention from her amazing, nauseating, repeated, and obviously well-practiced fake concern look, you can sense what she might be thinking because she basically spells it right out:

Amazingly telling video. So much so that I made a separate article about it here.

Let’s go on: No airplane travel, duh, including by vacationers, but most especially, by government and politicians, whose endless travel by air is virtually always an utterly useless waste not just in terms of time and our money, but in CO2 emissions. Air travel only for absolute emergencies. So virtually none.

And don’t get any fancy ideas. You can’t travel by horse either. If you’re going to get rid of my steak and pork chops because of all the “bovine flatulence,” then no horse for you, on account of the horse & pig farts. On account of the planet and the CO2 thing. You understand I’m sure.

I could fill a whole website with other such examples progressives could use to “save the planet,” as I know they would want to do. But start with just those few things and I think we’ll be well on our way. After all, progressives who drone on about this sort of thing represent about half the population, so if half the population stopped emitting as much CO2 as all of that would represent, surely that would do the trick! It’s a lot of sacrifice for you, especially while we go on having a normal life and actually building an economy that works for us AND you! But the upside is you’ll get to say you literally saved the planet. Right?


For sure, right? Hellooooo?

Yeah. Not so sure. But whatevs, you will surely be willing to give it a go, after all your big talk.

The upside for us in the sensible reality-based set is that it will shut them up for at least five minutes.

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