Happy Canada Day

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The Article

Canada Day. Denial Day. Complacency Day. A day for playing with fireworks while the country burns. Wave the flag. Wave a cloth adorned with a piece of vegetation in the colours of the Liberal Party, one with little tradition and less meaning. No. Many Canadians remember the great emblem that once adorned our dominion, containing the cross, the symbol of ancient and eternal wisdom and truth.

Do what the government tells you, allow your rights to be expunged and smile as the norms that made the country great are parodied while at the same a stew of twisted realities are paraded. No. Many Canadians are tired of the intrusions of the state and the relentless attacks from alleged “alternative” lifestyles.

Protect children but destroy childhood, make a fetish of equality but allow elites to impose their ways and rule our country. Claim to respect diversity but be horribly intolerant of anybody who resists the liberal status quo. No. Many Canadians are tired of the twin monsters of materialism and decadence. They have had enough of public educators telling young people how to live but not how to read and write. Nor will they remain silent when told to do so by the princes of political correctness.

Park in a handicapped parking spot and you’ll be charged and fined. Abort a handicapped baby or kill a terminally ill handicapped person and you’ll receive an Order of Canada and a government grant. No. Many Canadians are waking up to the country’s destruction of entire generations of the unborn and the obsession with euthanasia and the killing of those who are no longer bold and beautiful.

Have perverse sex, take your clothes off in public, swear on television and insult people’s deeply held beliefs, but you don’t dare do it while smoking a cigarette or without wearing a seat belt in the car. No. Many Canadians are repulsed by the hypocrisy. They know there are moral as well as physical ills that plague our country and that it is pointless to save a body if the spirit and soul is destroyed.

Blithely pay $20million a week to the CBC so that ludicrously biased people can tell us about what our own country means. Allow unions there and elsewhere to dictate national policy without any democratic or constitutional right. No. Many Canadians have seen through the façade of double standards in broadcasting as well as the extremism of so many in the labor movement.

Satirize the United States and comfort and define ourselves by what we are not. Hate the best neighbors a nation could have merely because we know they will respond with kindness. No. Many Canadians understand that it is we who are often parochial and they who are prestigious. They know that lack of gratitude is the weapon of the spoilt child.

Pay tax after tax and yet see education and healthcare deteriorate before our very eyes. Never look at the authentic causes of gangs and violence because it may reveal dangerous truths. No. Many Canadians now want to keep their own money and do not trust the government to spend it. Nor do they believe the politicians and their explanations about inner city crime.

Canada Day. Kill God, kill man and kill truth. No. Save the country. Not from others but from itself. It’s up to you, the many Canadians, even if you don’t yet know it.

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