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Liberals never seem to tire of wallowing in hypocrisy

Prime Minister Paul Martin and his ilk never seem to tire of demonstrating the shallowness of their characters and their seeming compulsion to wallow in unprincipled hypocrisy.

Latest example: His attendance at Independent MP Chuck Cadman’s funeral at which Martin described the right-wing politician as bringing “nobility” to the House of Commons and to political life.

Martin followed this stretch with: “I know we all share the wish that we could be more like him.”

Ah, if only that were true, but what we all do know is everything for which Cadman stood—with the exception of one day and for some unfathomable reason casting a vote saving Martin’s hide—was anathema to the Liberals.

These individuals are utterly shameless, such as when unelected Alberta Senator Grant Mitchell stood up in that chamber and talked about Conservatives and westerners back home in derogatory terms.

“… I am not clear about what they like about Canada … they do not like bilingualism, they do not like multiculturalism, they do not particularly like social programs, they not like public health care…”

Well, now we really know where this pipsqueak’s loyalties are—not with Alberta but with the Liberal hierarchy which has bought and paid for Mitchell’s fawning allegiance.

Yet there’s a larger threat to us than Mitchell selling his soul to the Grits for a hefty paycheque and nice perks.

My political acquaintances increasingly fear the reason Martin’s Grits are so lackadaisical about terrorist attacks in our country is because they are too preoccupied with secretly hatching plans for another grab at our energy resources.

Soaking Albertans for just about everything we have is a game the Grits have played so successfully in the past that diverting attention away from such a quest to concentrate on the safely of innocent men, women and children must be considered a nuisance.

Consider this.

Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan worries we are “psychologically unprepared” for an attack by Islamic extremists on the scale of London or Madrid (Speak for yourself here, Annie) and Canadians should not think terrorist cells do not operate in our country (Never had deluded myself about that).

Now, I’ve never really had much time for McLellan—she’s too shrill, at times almost hysterical, and she’s a Grit for godsake—but I believe Senator Colin Kenny, chairman of the Senate committee on national security and defence, when he asserts she is putting all she can into that side of her job.

That said, why isn’t the Liberal hierarchy backing her up: After 9/11, the Jean Chretien/Paul Martin team boosted spending on intelligence and policing by $1.6 billion—over five years.

Does anyone really believe terrorists plotting to hit us are deterred by some five-year plan of security upgrading?

And, as Kenny noted, while the U.S. has a full time Secretary of Homeland Security in Michael Cherkoff, McLellan’s public safety portfolio is overshadowed by her role as deputy prime minister and other demanding duties.

It speaks a whole lot about Liberal priorities when safeguarding the nation from terrorist attacks is considered to be a part time job.

It’s scary.

Back to energy and the Grit government salivating to get control of our resources.

When federal Finance Minister Ralph Goodale decided to take U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow on a tour of our oil sands earlier this month, he did so without even telling the Alberta government either he or Snow were coming.

Alberta owns the oil sands, yet Goodale is so arrogant he didn’t even have to decency to consult with his provincial counterpart, let alone Premier Ralph Klein.

No, Goodale just came, viewed the landscape, maybe pondered some more how to rip off our ace in the hole, and then disappeared back into the echelons of the Liberal lair.

Finally, I’m told folks saw the strange apparition of political floor-walking Belinda Stronach stalking around various Calgary Stampede locales and beaming as if she were a welcome guest and amidst friends in these parts.

Stronach obviously knows as little about cowboy values as she knows about political loyalties.

The code of the west is one of fidelity, loyalty and hard work.

Stronach fails on all these fronts, so at the Stampede, she was obviously a fish really out of water, though others might have a more caustic and rather more coarser description of daddy’s gal.

I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Paul Jackson
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