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Confidence in PM Harper blossoms as support for Liberals nosedives

The unfolding scenario on the federal political landscape must be making our nation’s disgraced mish-mash of Liberals secretly quake.

For it’s now becoming increasingly obvious Prime Minister Stephen Harper has managed to convince New Democrat Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe to come onside on various issues and basically put the Liberals through an ever-tightening vise.

If only we could do that through the next three elections.

On essential votes in the House of Commons, either the New Democrats or the Bloc—or a smattering of both—will vote to support Conservative initiatives.

Naturally, Layton and Duceppe will get payoffs for their support—but so what?

Anything is better than seeing the Grit cabal somehow make a comeback.

By sticking together, Harper, Layton and Duceppe can each claim victory as the Liberals (Nihilist Party of Canada) slowly erode in the public consciousness.

The latest Decima poll putting Conservative support at 41% and Liberal support sagging to 26% must be giving interim Liberal leader Bill Graham and his motley crew of MPs the jitters. Another poll suggested some 40% of those who voted Liberal in the Jan. 23 election now view Harper favourably.

It’s going to get worse for the Grits, too.

The truth is that, as different as their philosophies are, Harper, Layton, Duceppe and their MPs are honest individuals.

No one can say that about the Nihilists.

They ran their show on patronage and pork barrel politics for 13 years and now they are reaping the wrath of the voters.

When we start finding out just how the gun registry came to cost $2 billion, and how the shadowy foundations established by the Jean Chretien/ Paul Martin regime operated with billions more of the taxpayers’ dollars, the rot within the Nihilists will become even more disturbing.

Actually the quickly growing reputation of Harper’s Conservatives shouldn’t have surprised too many of us.

Harper is a supreme strategist.

Recall how he initially united the fractious elements in the Canadian Alliance and then merged his party

with Peter MacKay’s Progressive Conservatives.

It’s true, he stumbled slightly during the Jan. 23 federal election campaign, but along the way he brilliantly played his hand in Quebec.

As Alberta MLA and Progressive Conservative leadership contender Ted Morton notes, the Dec. 19 speech Harper made in Quebec on provincial rights and re-balancing federalism was basically the “firewall” stance of which he was party to in our province.

Come the next election and the Conservatives may well win half of the 75 seats in Quebec.

With that, it’s game over for the Grits for a long time to come.

Harper’s coup in solving the softwood lumber dispute was a political lightning bolt, much in the same way as his mission to Afghanistan.

His overtures to Washington, his commitment to the military, and symbolism, such as ending his statements and speeches with “God bless Canada,” are all moving his government into ever stronger territory.

Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay sticks it to the terrorist group Hamas and gives Israel our backing in the UN—which the cowardly Liberals never dared to do.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day puts the Tamil Tigers on the banned list terrorist list—which the fawning Liberals never dared to do.

Environment Minister Rona Ambrose moves away from the bogus Kyoto Protocol and into a rational Made-in-Canada environmental program—which the conniving Liberals never had the gumption to do.

Across the spectrum, Harper’s Conservatives are giving our nation a new look.

And one of those individuals who is definitely giving our nation a new look, Finance Minister James Flaherty, will be in Calgary May 18 to speak at a huge $400-a-plate tax deductible fundraiser for Calgary Southeast MP Jason Kenney at the downtown Hyatt Regency.

Ah, Ah! For three years running, I was keynote speaker at Kenney’s annual general meeting.

Obviously, now he’s parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, he can attract the really big guns to his meetings.

So this time, rather be than at the podium, I’ll be in the back row.

But who’s complaining?

Paul Jackson
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