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The Article

Facts too often ignored by the pro-Kyoto cabal

I happened to hear the Sierra Club of Canada had given Stephen Harper’s government a failing grade on environmental issues shortly after I’d seen Al Gore’s science fiction movie An Inconvenient Truth and just about the time Jack Layton’s New Democrats tried to censure Environment Minister Rona Ambrose for dereliction of duty.

Yes, massive melting icebergs crashing and flood waters destroying major world cities from Gore, a big ‘F’ next to Ambose’s name from the Sierra Club, and shenanigans from Layton’s cabal.

Bill Graham’s Liberals, terrified of a federal election, actually sabotaged the NDP ploy.

The Sierra Club, naturally, made no mention the Alberta MP is courageously deciding spending billions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money “buying” carbon emission credits from other countries while doing nothing about clamping down on our own emissions hardly adds up to a clean air campaign.

But, then again, the Sierra Club, along with other environmental organizations, took almost 15 years after Brian Mulroney left office to crown him the “greenest” prime minister in our nation’s history.

So one might well presume the club could well decide sometime in the future our current Conservative prime minister and Ambrose also deserve credit for their environment record.

Let’s be realistic, the Jean Chretien/Paul Martin Liberals were in power for 13 years while Harper’s team has been in power for little more than 13 weeks—yet the Sierra Club has already decided the current government is useless.

Hardly a case of deep thought and prescience from these holier-than-thou types.

No mention top officials in the federal Natural Resources Department concluded Canada’s Kyoto Protocol targets were impossible to attain and had been wondering how to break the news to Martin’s previous Liberal government.

No mention that, while Canada was committed under Kyoto to reduce emissions to 6% below 1990 levels by 2012, since 1990 emissions had already risen by almost 27% and almost 37% over the Kyoto target.

No mention that in the U.S. emissions have risen only 16% since 1990, and Ambrose wants to ditch Kyoto and join the much more successful Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development (AP-6) along with the U.S., Australia, Japan and other nations.

The Sierra Club still can’t see through the sham the Kyoto Protocol isn’t really about climate change at all, but about transferring millions of jobs and staggering amounts of wealth from countries that already have the stiffest environment laws in the world to Third World nations spewing pollution into the atmosphere without any concerns whatsoever.

Folks, we are not dealing with the brightest bulbs on the porch when we look at the Sierra Club or related environmental groups.

It reminds me somewhat of a “pop” scientist who jaunts across TV screens explaining disciplines in terms so simplistic any real scientist would break down in guffaws.

And Gore, who had his hopes of becoming president quashed in 1999, really likes the simplistic approach.

That way, the audiences at his movies don’t have to do rigorous thinking about whether Bangladesh, half of Florida and the island of Manhattan are actually going to disappear if Antarctica melts.

Now, nowhere in Gore’s piece of celluloid trash did I see acclaimed University of Virginia climate scientist Patrick J. Michaels.

Why not?

Because Michaels, who is truly an expert, points out Antarctica is actually gaining ice and has been for some time.

Only the “peninsula” of Antarctica, which makes up 2% of that continent has been losing ice.

Michaels’ study was outlined in the truly intelligent magazine National Review, as were studies by other bona fide experts.

Peter Doran looked at Antarctica’s temperatures between 1966 and 2000, and in a study published in 2002 in Nature magazine that two-thirds of that continent got colder over that 34-year period.

In a 2005 study published in Science magazine, analyst Curt Davis assessed that Antarctica had gained 45 billion tons of ice between 1992 and 2003.

The bottom line is Harper’s government and Ambrose should stick with what they are doing: Heading Canada in the right direction environmentally.

So, let’s let the likes of the Sierra Club, Gore and Layton’s cabal stick with what they do best: Creating fiction.


Paul Jackson
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