Good News?! Maybe now conservatives will finally have learned the lesson: Go bold. Not pale pastel.

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It took two candidates, but maybe it will have sunk in this time. Going with that so-called “moderate” and “electable” candidate has failed yet again. It always does. For those science-loving conservatives like me, it can quite literally be called a scientifically provable fact now, having been tried over again with the same outcome.

I’m not bashing Mitt Romney here. He was better than the last failed effort. He’s a good man in every way. But now, conservatives should take the remote control away from the self-anointed elites who think they know better, and do the right thing.

This time, take the sage advice of Ronald Reagan: speak in bold colors. Get your conservative message out there yourselves, and in plain, bold colors, not pale pastels. A year or two ago I might have suggested you start a web site with the name BoldColors just to emphasize the importance of that simple but effective message, but thankfully it’s already been done by someone very wise. Help him out and don’t worry, there are also other ways to do it.

Let’s start: conservatives, don’t now lament. That’s just what the progressive-left expects and hopes. Instead, chin-up, get your tools out, and activate. Fix it. That’s what conservatives do.

Socialists, liberals — progressives — and their media are all expecting you to now be demoralized, while they are freshly emboldened. Laugh at them and their arrogance as they whistle past the grave yard. Stand up and oppose them. This usually causes enormous shock and a freaked-out look on their faces and sometimes some pretty outlandish responses from them. It’s really pretty fun.

As our friend and my former columnist Ann Coulter wrote in her book How to Talk to a Liberal, “You must outrage the enemy. If the liberal you’re arguing with doesn’t become speechless with sputtering, impotent rage, you’re not doing it right.”

This activist behavior will be new to most conservatives, but try it. You’ll see how others join you simply because it’s so much fun, and it’s so useful to the nation to boot.

Then activate yourself further. Get involved, from the top down and middle out and bottom up. Pick the right candidates. Send money. Act right. Live right. It’s not hard. It’s easier in fact. You’re probably holding back. Stop it.

Then really start to fight. The political “enemy” is not simply the politicians on the progressive left; it’s the corrupt “news” media which pretends — and has convinced — most people that they are “objective” and “fair” and “balanced.” Get this through your head if it isn’t already, and through the heads of everybody around you: the mainstream media is not “objective” and “fair” and “balanced,” they are liars and shills for progressives. They are progressives.
Ronald Reagan
They’re not necessarily doing it on purpose either. Some liberals in the mainstream news media are just that ignorant and that dumb after decades of living in a liberal-left bubble, having been taught by liberal-left academia and raised under liberal-left parents and entertained and informed by a liberal-left media. They don’t know there is another side. If they do, they utterly misunderstand it. They are simply dumbed-down to a world view that is just that simplistic and provincial.

Some are so progressive (liberal, socialist, and some are full-on communists) that they don’t even know how progressive they are anymore. They have no clue that there’s another way to look at things. They think everyone in the room agrees with them. Don’t feel sorry for them. They’re lazy and stupid.

School them. Call them out. Fight them. Most of them cannot be trusted to present “news.” Most cannot present fact-based opinions either. You cannot trust a news media working under a guise or a pretense of objectivity when they demonstrably aren’t; when they actually have an agenda. Make them own their liberal-left bias and activism and their pretense to the contrary. It’s their perfidy. Define it as such.

The media is the enemy.

By the way, yes I mean enemy.

Define them. Don’t let the media define you. As you know, the Left and their media say the most ridiculous, insulting, extremist things about conservatives all day long, while hypocritically assassinating people like me who use the benign, descriptive word “enemy” as if it were meant to be taken as an actual call to arms (the actual arms being the others ones they want taken away from us), and as if I’m using it in terms of a gun battle or crazed, violent, conservative militant revolution. Call them out on that BS. For further examples of this, see “racist” and “homophobe” and “fascist” and “Nazi” and “extremist” and “anti-choice” and “millionaires and billionaires” and “not paying their fair share” and a hundred more lies like that that have been affixed to even the most moderate conservative. Or flash back to how they defined Sarah Palin; or how they blamed Sarah Palin for causing a Congressman to be shot simply because she used a picture of a target on a map of political targets to aim at and win. You have to fight those liberal fascists at every turn until they concede defeat.

It must be shown that the liberal-left mainstream media cannot be trusted.

Another “front” in this political war is in liberal academia. Fight them too. Don’t cower. You own them, they don’t own you.

On another front, don’t blithely support liberal entertainment media out of shear laziness. The people in that industry are some of the dumbest group-think useful idiots on planet Earth. And they are expert at playing the passive-aggressive progressive war game. They sneak progressive-left liberal or full-on socialist messages into just about everything they write, act, produce, direct, paint, sculpt, or sing about — often with taxpayer support. And in so doing, many of them have become multimillionaires with enormous power and a huge bully pulpit (the irony and hypocrisy seems to fly right over their air heads, or worse, it doesn’t).

Don’t watch their shows. Don’t go to their movies.

Together, liberals and the institutions that they have consumed can help make you and everybody else make very poor choices. For example, Barack Obama won the election last night.

“Liberal” or “progressive” is not the normal state of affairs. That would take “fundamentally transforming America,” as Barack Obama threatened and warned he would do, five days before his first election, and is now in the process of doing. Life is conservative.

Failure to act is arming the enemy. Stop it. Don’t let them get away with it. Fight the news media, fight liberal academia. Fight liberal entertainment media. Stand up to the liberal, anti-conservative messaging all around you. Speak out with your conservative message of good, positive, ideas; and proven conservative ideology, in big, brave, bold colors. It works.

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