Global News pushes woke progressive ideology, then turns off commenting so you can’t object

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The Article

OPINION PIECE COMING! As if you didn’t know. But when you read something at, say, Global News, you’re led to believe it’s, you know, specifically not an opinion.

To my way of thinking this tweet is a classic bit of pro-radical-trans-ideology propaganda in and of itself. This is not a “news” headline:

It’s not a tweet advertising an “opinion” piece or an editorial written by a left-wing activist or trans cult member or some member of a progressive religious sect either. I checked. Twice. The author is listed as a normal reporter. (Oh I see where I could be going wrong here!)

But if you try to exercise your desire to point out this woke agitprop which “self-identifies” as journalism (I guess this is a news media version of “misgendering!”) well Global has that covered. They make it impossible to do so. This is in the best interests not of you, dear reader, but exclusively in the best interests of propagandists who are pushing the trans ideology, trans religion, or trans cult — whatever it is.

Click to the news article (sorry — in this case my snark is more obviously called for than usual — the “news” article), and again commenting is turned off there too. They just want you to read their indoctrination and not talk back. (And yes, they do allow commenting on other stories.)

Global News has done this on a number of tweets and related articles about the radical trans ideology. Quite clearly to me, they’re “for it,” and until they’ve got you convinced to be “for it” too, which they think they can do, they know you might have something ballsy (if I may use that term) to say about it.

And as you can imagine, the article is little short of an agenda-ridden bit of garbage. It’s progressive-activist journalism, written by Sean Previl (“Sean Previl is a digital broadcast journalist with Global News”). Full of quotes from queer and trans and drag individuals and groups; and from Justin Trudeau, the Patron Saint of the gay and trans and drag queen; and then also Joe Biden for some reason, but a man who, like Trudeau, is completely obsessed with gay and trans sex, and like Trudeau, wants your kids to be, too.

No effort was apparently made to find even one viewpoint to quote from among the actual majority of people — the so-called “far-right” parents™ Justin Trudeau — and other good folks who are interested instead in protecting their children from sexualized and otherwise radical progressive-left trans and queer ideology. However, the crack journalist did manage to passively refer to Ron DeSantis and his efforts on that front… in the usual left-wing pundit’s dismissive tone of derision; as well as refer to those of New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs’s moves to protect children —which Sean Previl cautions are self-evidently bad and unpopular because…:

“[it] … could force an election after eight members of the premier’s own caucus sat out question period and other legislative business in protest.”

I guess Previl didn’t see the poll: Majority side with Premier Blaine Higgs on gender identity: poll.  Truth be told, I think he did see the poll. He is a journalist, right? It’s just that the internet ran out of ink just as Previl was journalisming so he couldn’t mention it. Darn the luck.

He’s afraid to call Premier Higgs on the phone because then he’d have to print his answers. Here — I have a dark source of internet ink. So I’ll also paste a tweet from Premier Higgs, which helpfully juxtaposes Higgs’s position with that of the anti-parent progressive woke Patron Saint of all that is not heterosexual and involves kids, Justin Trudeau:

The mantra is repeated several times that “anti-LGBTQ2” and “anti-drag” “hate” (that’s what it’s called when you disagree with them or their methods or their ideology. Also see “fascist” and “bigot”) is rampant in the U.S., it’s getting worse, and it’s coming here too, and it will get worse, and then even worse. And it must be stopped, so that kids can have their sexy drag, um, “reading” shows. But it’s hard because we Neanderthals hate drag shows and thus all LGBTQ people, you see.

There is no objective truth here or very little. It’s catastrophizing nonsense. But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. Allowing no feedback as — like most woke pugilists they probably do in their own lives as well — it reminds me of the old parable wherein a massive ignoramus elite liberal from the liberal bubble of elite New York expresses her shock to a reporter after a Republican won the white house (paraphrasing): “I don’t know a single person who voted Republican!”

The best I could do was “quote-tweet” Global News’s tweet:


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