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Author’s Note: Today’s column is a modified excerpt of a chapter in my book Feminists Say the Darndest Things, which was published in 2008.

Dear Director of Diversity:

I am interested in working together with the Office of Campus Diversity in order to bring a new event to UNCW’s African American History Month, which was previously known as “February.” The event that I envision is a Genocide Awareness Day, which will help educate members of our university community about the destructive effects the feminist movement is having on the African American community in this country.

The centerpiece of the event would be a display in the University Commons that would be comprised of one cross for every one million babies aborted in America since 1973. I estimate that will require about 50 crosses by the time we finish organizing this event. I would like to see 32 of these crosses painted white and 18 painted black. This would be a creative way to show that 36% of the babies aborted in America are black. This is shocking when one considers the fact that blacks constitute only 12% of the population.

I would also like to request funding for Dan Flynn to come to campus to talk about the deep racism of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. This would help promote diversity by having a white man speak during African American History Month. I believe we need the integration badly given the segregationist nature of the whole diversity movement. I think it would also be a good way to fight the anti-military bias at our school – given that Dan Flynn is a U.S. Marine.

The event should not cost much money. I would be more than happy to supply the crosses, two cans of white spray paint, and a can of black spray paint. I would also be willing to run off 1000 fliers with important statistics on race and abortion. The fliers could say, for example, “Of every 1000 black pregnancies, 514 end in abortion.”

Interspersed with the objective facts, there could also be some additional and, hopefully, provocative commentary. For example, the fliers could say “If you are looking for the next Martin Luther King, Jr., please do not hold your breath. He was probably already conceived and aborted.”

I think it would be a good idea to hold this event again during Women’s History Month, which was previously known as “March.” We desperately need to break up the campus coalition between blacks and feminists. Put simply, the latter are engaged in genocide against the former.

Please give my idea your careful consideration and let me know what you decide. But please hurry. There is genocide in progress. And the first black president doesn’t seem to care.

Update: Dr. Adams actually heard back from the Director of Diversity. For a time, the student pro-life group was negotiating with the Office of Campus Diversity to establish a first annual Genocide Awareness Day. Regrettably, the plans were aborted when the Director of Diversity resigned. But other groups around the nation have heard about this idea, which, some day, could become a nation-wide event. If you are interested in organizing a Genocide Awareness Day simply send an email to the author of this column. Or post your contact information on his Facebook fan page, “Mike Adams’ Redneck Jihad.”

Mike S. Adams
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