Freedom trampled by tyrants

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The Article

Mao Zedong once posed the question “Why can an egg but not a stone be transformed into a chicken?”

In his essay On Contradiction, Mao provided the answer. In educating Communist party members he wrote, “in order to understand the development of a thing we should study it internally and in its relations with other things.”

For Mao as a Marxist the causes of any development were internal and all of history could be explained through the mechanics of class struggle. He wrote, “The fundamental cause of the development of a thing is not external but internal.”

Mao was basically right. No amount of external heat applied to a stone will hatch a chicken.

Mao also knew the dictatorship of the proletariat his Communist party imposed on China was a massive tyranny. Mao’s Communist party was responsible for killing more than 70 million Chinese, a number that dwarfs the imagination of most people as to what modern tyranny can mean.

The chicken of China’s ethnic unrest—the recent instance of Uighur unrest in Xinjiang—comes as a result of endless internal oppression, Han Chinese chauvinism and denial of basic human rights to minorities.

China is not alone as a tyranny. For the past several weeks the world has witnessed the thuggish clerical regime in Tehran brutalizing Iranians for protesting the fraudulent manipulation of the election results.

Tyrants of all stripes shamelessly blame external forces for internal contradictions of their societies.

Communist rulers in Beijing, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, attribute Uighur unrest to the three evil forces of “extremism, separatism, and terrorism.” In other words, the mumbo-jumbo “pseudo-science” of Marxism evaporates when it comes to explaining how Communist eggs hatch chickens as a result of domestic abuse of minorities.

Mao spoke for tyrants everywhere when he quipped that political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The awful reality in our world is that Mao again was right.

Tyrants can only be contained, and eventually overthrown, by guns whether wielded by long-suffering people or by external assistance over time of those who support freedom unapologetically.

But such support is rarely offered, unless a tyrant’s reach threatens those who are free. Since such is political reality, the least free people can do for those suffering under tyranny is resist any urge to malign them by giving credence to the lies of tyrants.

There has been no rush by any UN member calling for Security Council emergency sessions to denounce state violence unleashed by rulers in Beijing and Tehran against unarmed people of China and Iran. No member state of the Organization of Islamic Countries—except for Turkey given the ethnic ties of Turks with Uighurs—has been heard from in condemning China or Iran for violating human rights.


The deafening silence of left wing ideologues in the West, always vigilant to denounce the United States and Israel on any issue irrespective of facts and history, indicates they remain consistent in maintaining solidarity with tyrants who mouth their bogus rhetoric of anti-imperialism.

Ours is the world returned to the cynicism of the “low, dishonest decade” of the 1930s. Contemporary tyrants have taken measure of our world, and those unfortunates in our midst as are the Uighurs will readily get trampled upon.

Salim Mansur
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