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The Article

Startling poll tough to fathom given disgraceful Grit actions

My good friend Prime Minister John Diefenbaker had two pithy comments about political public opinion polls.

“Polls are for dogs,” he would say.

The Chief would then add: “And the only poll that matters is the one on election day.

Those comments by Diefenbaker, who, until Brian Mulroney’s astonishing sweep in 1984, won the largest federal majority government ever in 1958, came back as I read this past week that a Globe and Mail/CTV poll puts Prime Minister Paul Martin’s Liberals almost in reach of a majority government.

That poll really must be for dogs. That’s all it’s worth.

It put the Liberals at 38%, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives at 25% and Jack Layton’s New Democrats at 15%.

That’s refreshing news about Layton’s rump party.

If that aspect of the poll is even somewhat correct, we know ‘Smirkin’ Jack’ and his pompous socialists are going nowhere.

As for the supposed 13% Liberal lead, it’s surely poppycock.

Let’s be brutally honest here, the Liberal machine across the country is likely composed of the biggest bunch of self-serving rogues and self-enriching charlatans ever to infect the Canadian body politic.

OK, OK, there may be an honest Grit here and there, but there are none both honest and courageous.

For, if they were both honest and courageous, they would have nothing to do with the entrenched Liberal cabal. One is known by the company one keeps.

Day after day, week after week and month after month, more evidence of the malfeasance of the Liberal establishment leaks out—no, I understate the depth of the degradation—more evidence floods out.

The motto on the Liberal shibboleth must be: ‘No depth too low to which we sink.’

Auditor General Sheila Fraser, and her predecessor Denis Desautels repeatedly outlined case after case of the misuse and abuse of the taxpayers’ money.

Justice John Gomery’s Adscam inquiry over the Jean Chretien/Martin $250-million sponsorship fund continually reveals more nefarious dealings.

Actually, AdScam and $250 million pale in comparison to former human resources minister Jane Stewart’s $1-billion job creation fund which, according to Desautels, hardly created a single, legitimate longterm job. Outside of Liberal patronage jobs, that is.

The disgraced former president of the Royal Canadian Mint, David Dingwall’s $748,000 expense account itself pales in comparison to former disgraced Canada Post president’s Andre Ouellet’s own $2-million expense billing.

Recall Chretien himself and his investment in a financially-troubled hotel and golf course and his browbeating of the president of the Business Development Bank of Canada to give a huge loan of the taxpayers’ money to save that venture.

These revelations reveal a pattern of flagrant abuse throughout the Chretien/Martin years.

The disease is endemic.

Part of the Liberals’ genetic makeup.

The Grit hierarchy, and its foot soldiers, can’t tell the difference between Liberal party money, given them by naive donors, and the taxpayers’ money, meant for legitimate public works.

Given all this—and putting into the mix the undermining of the Canadian military, a foreign aid policy favouring dictatorships such as communist China, communist North Korea and communist Cuba rather than open democracies, and the insulting behavior towards our closest ally, the U.S.—it’s hard to believe anyone with an ounce of prudence and piety would tell anyone they favoured the Martin/Chretien Liberals over Harper’s Conservatives.

Look at Harper.

A good, decent family man.

An individual above reproach.

As are his MPs.

The Conservatives had only two members of dubious qualities: Scott Brisson and Belinda Stronach, and both decided they’d feel more at home with the Liberals. One needs say no more.

The Conservative philosophy is honourable, their policies visionary. No scandal has erupted from the Conservative benches, just as no scandal erupted from within the Reform or Canadian Alliance caucuses.

Assessing this, how can the Liberals supposedly be on the verge of winning a majority government?

There can’t be that many jackasses in our country, not even in Ontario.

Paul Jackson
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