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The Article

Hello Farhat. How are you? By the end of my recent talk at Monmouth College, I thought you had yelled yourself silly and would soon call it a night. I didn’t expect you to go to the keyboard and launch another tirade. Nor did I expect you to post it on the university bulletin board for the whole school to read. Nonetheless, I have copied some of my favorite portions along with some of my reactions:

“My proposition is that Mike Adams is a demagogue and my challenge to him and his cronies is to BRING IT ON!”

I don’t really understand this. Who are my cronies? Are you saying you want to fight? I’m really not a violent guy, despite the NRA membership. And stop using ALL CAPS. THAT’S JUST A FORM OF INTERNET SCREAMING!

“Now let’s turn to Mike Adams (sic) performance last Wednesday at Monmouth College.  I want (sic) to this ‘lecture’ (which really turned out to be a stand-up comedy routine of the worst kind since the purpose was sinister and hateful) because of my affection for some of the students who had sponsored this talk and also to pay my dues to ‘viewpoint diversity.’”

Well, Farhat, you were the only person who wasn’t laughing. And who are these students for whom you have “affection?” Several of your students said that you shout them down in class when they disagree with your viewpoints. A couple of Monmouth professors said you do the same thing in meetings. Since my last article, several of your former students have written to complain about your yelling problem. When you yell at all of these people, does it mean you love them? When you yell at me, does that mean you love me, too?

“Like the Jihadi Mullah I had heard in Lahore, Adams (sic) speech was full of half truths and innuendos.”

Why did you just compare me to a Muslim extremist? Are you Muslim, Farhat? Are you an extremist? Just curious.

“It is my understanding that a tape of the speech was made and my challenge to his cronies would be to transcribe that tape and then use it to teach analytical reasoning and critical thinking to our students in the first year seminar since it is a great example of manipulation of humor, factoids, half truths to manipulate the lowest prejudices, and deepest anxieties of its audience.  His speech showed the art of demonization.”

Well, Farhat, we decided to take you up on the challenge to transcribe the tape. But do you mind if we use it for another purpose (like helping you make an ass out of yourself)? Let us know as soon as possible.

“The bad guys was (sic) anyone who was not a Republican and he brought (sic) pantheon of extreme right wing demons: the feminists, the communists, the stupid administrators who brought (sic) porn artist to campus and sanctioned the sale of ‘butt plugs’ and other sexual paraphernalia; the pedophile who raped eight years (sic) old boys, the queen of anal sex…etc., I am not making this up, all these deeply disturbing tropes made an appearance in his speech in order to leave the audience with the impression that God fearing, values holding good guys (read Republican) were in retreat.”

Careful Farhat! You screwed up a series of facts, here. For example, the university employee I was talking about did not rape eight year old boys. He collected pictures of eight year old boys. Make sure you don’t defame the pedophiles. After all, they’re just like you and me! CELEBRATE DIVERSITY!!!

“Like the Jihadi Mullah I heard in Lahore, Mike Adams was a gifted orator.”


“(W)hen one ‘non-convert’ like me stood up to comment on his speech, he dismissed it by labeling me as ANGRY and DISRESPECTFUL. He was entertaining but I (sic) much rather get my entertainment from Seinfeld and Daily News, because those shows do not masquerade as academic exercises in VIEWPOINT DIVERSITY. Now on to my challenge of BRING IT ON.”

OK, Farhat, so you aren’t angry. Please stop yelling in ALL CAPS and stop challenging me (and my “cronies”) to a fight.

“My own institution was turned into a hostile place for me on Wednesday when I did not bow down to Adams’ performance and instead attempted to engage in a dialogue.”

Well, I guess we agree that it became a hostile place when you started yelling. Maybe we can build on this one area of agreement. Or maybe you can get a doctor to write you a prescription for Lexapro. Your call, Farhat.

“…to paraphrase George Constanda (sp?) from Seinfeld, “I am shaking in my boots, little Milky is going to write about me and Monmouth College in his ‘nationally syndicated’ column.”

I don’t mean to be rude but who the hell is “little Milkey?” And don’t get offended by this question but have you been smoking opium, Farhat?

“I will search out Mike Adams (sic) home institution student newspaper and see if I can get a letter printed there commenting on his performance at Monmouth College. BRING IT ON.”

So you’re going to pick a fight with a national columnist by writing a column for my student newspaper. I have a better idea. Why don’t you go “search out” a butter knife and pick a fight with someone wielding an Uzi? Good luck with that, Farhat (rhyme unintended).

“I am not afraid of any demagogues, whether they are in the White House, in the hall of the academy or in the streets of Lahore.  I am publicly declaring war on demagoguery of all sorts, I will not be afraid of fighting it wherever I am.”

Why don’t you sing this, Farhat (to the tune of an old Helen Reddy song): “I am Farhat, hear me roar, shouting louder than before.”

“I am fighting to make this country and this world a better place for all of humanity.  The weapon I am using is the LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION, which inculcates analytical reasoning and critical thinking among people so that they are not manipulated by the likes of Mike Adam (sic) or Jehadi Mullahs, or intolerant fundamentalist wherever they might be. SO BRING IT ON.”

That’s the best argument against a liberal arts education I’ve ever heard. Thanks! I mean, THANKS FARHAT!

“I owe it to all of the victims of (violence) to fight for a robust democratic public sphere where we can come together as citizens and have a REASONED debate. SO BRING IT ON!…I am confident that my model of open debate, deep reflection, reading scholarly work, reflecting deeply, engaging others no matter how different they appear to be,  is a much stronger model and will create a much better America and the world in (sic) future.”

Farhat Hag

You know, Farhat, they’re doing great things with anti-depressants these days. Thanks for making me feel welcomed at Monmouth. Let’s do this again real soon.

Mike Adams

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