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Government’s Grit-and-run plunder booting Alberta from confederation

I’m over at the Calgary Garrison Officer’s Mess and Major Richard Westbury (Retd.) saunters over and, with military precision, puts the looming threat by Ottawa’s Liberals against Alberta in true target range.

“They are about to give us an eviction notice,” says Dick.

“It’s erroneous to say Albertans want to separate. The Liberals are just hiking our rent so much they are determined to make it impossible for us to stay in Canada.”

Think long and hard about my battle-scarred friend’s two succinct words: Eviction notice.

That’s what mean and greedy landlords give tenants when they want to oust them from their premises.

Now, Prime Minister Paul Martin gets irate when anyone mentions the National Energy Program (NEP) to him.

This blundering ditherer feels it is impolite to bring up this disastrous assault.

We get ripped off for $100 billion, tens of thousands lose their jobs, people are forced to walk away from their homes leaving their mortgages behind, small businesses collapse, and so do marriages amidst the chaos.

Yet, we shouldn’t even mention it?

The shipping tycoon and off-shore tax-haven expert is comfortably well-heeled himself, so he figures what’s done is done and what’s to be done is of no consequence.

Whenever the likes of Sun columnists such as Licia Corbella, Ted Byfield or Ezra Levant bring up the past or the coming pillaging of us, the Liberals start fuming.

They figure they can shade their hit-and-run plunder under Kyoto pact regulations.

Like the one just filed that will fine Alberta’s oilpatch—and oil company employees—$200 million for every megaton of carbon-dioxide emissions.

That we’ll be on the hook for a whopping 45-megatons of carbon dioxide emissions is not to be mentioned.

Do the math—that is $9 billion right there that is going to be taken from us in this extortion racket and sent to other countries as Kyoto green credits.

Just the beginning, too.

Notice, not a peep from Liberal candidates in Calgary or the rest of Alberta about the coming fleecing.

Why not?

Well, these Grit candidates know they don’t stand a chance of being elected, but they do know by unfurling the Liberal banner of nihilism, they will be guaranteed patronage jobs—or federal contracts—all paid for by us taxpayers.

The shibboleth about sharing the wealth comes from many quarters—politicians like Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Manitoba Premier Gary Doer.

Pseudo-academics from Eastern universities and so-called think-tanks dotted across the nation.

Pompous pontificating folk who use ‘Dr.’ as a prefix to their names, but have no medical training only a ‘doctorate’ in some supposedly lofty endeavour.

There is no talk of sharing Ontario’s vast manufacturing wealth.

That wealth created before the free-trade pact with the U.S. when for decades Westerners saw their natural resources shipped to Ontario and Quebec to be processed and then shipped back to us to buy as high-priced manufactured goods protected behind a huge tariff barrier from competition.

No mention three Ontario premiers—Bob Rae, David Peterson and the current McGuinty—spent, and with McGuinty, are still recklessly spending their province into debt.

There was no belt-tightening for Ontario residents as there was for Albertans.

We sweated blood to get our finances in order, they are salivating and licking their chops demanding a share of our loot in the name of ‘Confederation.’

I am told some Liberal MLAs in Alberta are talking about us having a “spirit of generosity” with our natural resource wealth.

The only saving grace in this revelation is at least we now know where the Liberal caucus’ loyalty actually lies.

With, of course, their avaricious federal brethren.

My friends, Dick Westbury is right.

The Liberals will try to pull off the charade that Albertans are betraying Canada when separatist and independence fever starts rising, but, in reality, it is federal and provincial Liberals who are provoking this and spurring it.

We are being given an ‘eviction notice.’

Paul Jackson
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