Empathy key in abortion issue

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The Article

Fall to your knees and pray, the great miracle has occurred.

Praise the, well, praise public funding—the CBC has reported that abortion might not be a universal blessing and that the whole discussion is not quite as banal as merely being about a woman’s right to choose.

Okay, they didn’t exactly word it in that way and they may have shot themselves in the foot, but their story last week was extraordinarily revealing. They revealed that advertisements in two Canadian Punjabi newspapers were promoting ultrasound clinics in the United States where, “You are told the sex (of the baby) immediately.”

The implication of this, the story continued, was that “female fetuses” would be aborted. The article then quoted a community activist who said that this was “really, really sad.”

But just hold on one little Canadian moment. In this country abortion is legal (theoretically, up to the ninth month) and always paid for by public tax dollars. In fact, it’s one of the few elective surgeries never touched by the government, when hospitals and essential medical care are under threat and cut back.

The leaders of the abortion industry receive Orders of Canada and honorary doctorates and are lionized as national heroes. They remove excess tissue so that women can be free and it has nothing to do with life or children.

No woman has to provide any sort of reason for her abortion and has the procedure paid for by you and me no matter how wealthy she may be. She can have several “terminations” if she likes, and the father is irrelevant in the case.

So what does it matter if the abortion is of a male or a female? After all, doctors may suggest such a procedure if there is any suspicion of severe disability.

And here is the crunch. It certainly does matter if it is a little girl in the womb because, yes, it IS a little girl in the womb. Just as it may be a little boy. Just as it may be a little girl or a little boy with Down syndrome or autism.

We know it. We have always known it. But for two generations now we’ve tried to swim against the tide of natural law and pretend that life is not life and killing not killing.

With the help of overwhelming propaganda from the media, the entertainment industry, activists and politicians, an artificial world has been constructed.

Yet, when the issue takes the form of sexism, to the point of taking life because it is female, those who routinely speak of abortion as a cause of social justice suddenly have the mirror turned on their complacency.

It’s no longer a woman’s right to choose but a woman’s right to live. Which brings matters into sharp focus. It’s not tissue, it’s not a fetus, it’s not an accident, it’s not unwanted.

An anachronistic cultural spasm that encourages female infanticide is little different from, and arguably less obnoxious than, a modern cultural scream that encourages infanticide for males as well as females.

Once we identify and feel empathy we understand the real issue. It took great men and women to tell white people, for example, that all are equal and that African slavery was wrong. It might take a vulnerable, perfect unborn child in an immigrant family to remind us that we are all human and deserving of life.

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