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The CBC — and virtually everyone who works there — literally relies on a degree of socialism and a socialist mindset for the CBC’s very existence. Without their annual $1.5 billion of the taxpayers’ cash and all the market protections given to them by the state and the other state-mandated advantages, they would immediately die under the rules of actual life — the free market, free enterprise — ie., conservative rules. So that explains their love for and promotion of socialism; and by logical extension, their hate of free enterprise, free markets, capitalism, conservatism.

The benefit they get from exercising this perfidy is not just perceived — it’s a real benefit. The Liberals and further left NDP literally promise them more welfare if elected, and they deliver; while the right — real conservatives — threaten to withdraw funding or to even kill the CBC. (Bear in mind the Stephen Harper “Conservatives” fully supported the CBC).

Thus being a government-owned organization, they are subject to politics, and so will act out accordingly. That’s one of the (several) reasons I’ve always said that the state should not be involved in any business, and in fact that notion should be enshrined in our constitution.

Government of a free country — a democracy — should not be in the business of competing against its own citizens, as in the case with the CBC; or even of meddling in the free marketplace the way they do, because it wrecks the marketplace. Wrecks capitalism. Wrecks freedom. Wrecks countries.

I think somebody with standing — like a competitor (or all of them as a group) or a taxpayer group — should take such a case to the Supreme Court and they could win. But at least a politician should lead, and sell these principles to the people and win over the sentiment of the nation.

— Joel Johannesen

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Joel Johannesen

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Joel Johannesen
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