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The Article

Last week, I gave a speech at Gonzaga University – a university I have written about on three separate occasions. After spending two days at this “Catholic” university, I have come to the conclusion that it is far worse than my previous articles had suggested. I use the term “worse,” primarily to describe Gonzaga’s betrayal of Catholic principles – all in the name of tolerance and diversity.

I could try to persuade my readers that my conclusion is correct by simply talking about the gay pride ribbons tied around lampposts and stair rails all around the Gonzaga campus.

I could also talk about the Gonzaga feminists who ran in and out of classrooms shouting the word “c**t” on Vagina Day, which was previously known as Valentine’s Day. They were greeted with amused laughter from professors who had their lectures interrupted by these profane displays of feminist hysteria.

Finally, I could talk about the National Day of Silence at Gonzaga. This is the day that gays and their allies refrain from speaking on campus, in order to promote awareness of discrimination against gays.

But I won’t talk about any of these things-especially the National Day of Silence. In fact, I would like to start a National Year of Silence. Imagine going twelve months without hearing some guy with a lisp decry the high cost of grooming his miniature poodle.

Instead of hearing about the above, I would like for my readers to see what a Gonzaga Professor of Religious Studies (Robert J. Egan) sent to various members of the Gonzaga University community on April 21, 2004:

“George W. Bush’s proposal that we pass an amendment to the United States Constitution banning gay marriages (is) the first such amendment which would actually single out a specific group of American citizens for the explicit purpose of denying them their civil rights, in this case their right to marry whom they choose, their right for equal protection under the law, and their right to protection against illegal gender discrimination.”

(Author’ note: It is unclear whether Professor Egan is yet aware of the status of the Mormons’ request to “marry whom they choose.” The constitutional status of that request was only determined recently, I am told).

“As a theologian, I want to point out that many people remain unable to think clearly about this issue because of the social conditioning they have experienced which produces reactions of anxiety, stereotypical thinking, and a kind of self-flattering hatred toward gay and lesbian persons or issues related to their moral status in society or the defense of their civil rights. This is, in fact, the meaning of the term, “homophobia” coined by George Weinberg in his 1972 study, Society and the Healthy Homosexual (St.Martin’s Press)…“Such people in the thrall of this over-determined reaction sometimes seem incapable of under-standing that a recurring minority of any population-in my judgment, between ten and twenty percent-will experience romantic, affectionate, and erotic feelings primarily toward persons of the same gender rather than of the opposite gender.”

(Author’s note: The “one in ten” statistic has been widely discredited. The idea that the real percentage of gays in America is actually “between ten and twenty percent” is held by approximately zero in ten people with an IQ above room temperature. This assumes that the average room temperature is about seventy degrees. Another study finding that ten out of ten adult males are gay was also recently discredited. It was revealed that the study only surveyed men in 151 gay bars in Phoenix, Arizona. The study also concluded that all women are lesbians and that Truman Capote was the world’s greatest author).

“The ‘orientation’ of these feelings is determined at a preconscious or unconscious level and seems to be determined early in life. There is no serious evidence that ‘decision’ is involved in this determination or that it can be changed by some kind of intervention or program. This is the position of most reputable scholars and of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychoanalytic Association.”

(Author’s note: Professor Egan may not be aware that there is a movement among “reputable scholars” in the American Psychological Association to change the status of pedophilia so that it is no longer considered to be a mental illness. Calling it “inter-generational love,” they want it to be considered normal).

“The Roman Catholic Church since 1975 has acknowledged the legitimacy of the modern psychological conception of a sexual orientation in this sense. Obviously, it teaches that having a same-sex orientation of romantic and erotic love is in itself not a moral issue. It is true that the current official Vatican teaching forbids any genital expression of these feelings on moral grounds, but this is disputed by many distinguished Catholic theologians and other intellectuals and scholars. I myself believe it is the result of continuing to make judgments based on an obsolete paradigm.”

(Author’s note: The Apostle Paul makes it clear in the Book of Romans that opposition to homosexuality is not merely some “obsolete paradigm” dating to the Book of Leviticus).

“To put the matter simply: gay and lesbian people exist; they are real people; they have the same rights as any other people, and others do discriminate against them in various ways, including our own federal government. This situation, as I see it, is immoral.”

(Author’s note: Please disregard the previous reference to the Apostle Paul who said that homosexuality is immoral. Egan says that opposition to homosexuality is immoral. Burn your Bibles and dedicate yourself to a daily reading of Professor Egan’s teachings).

“…I believe that the decision to support this outrageous and immoral amendment is, of course, evidence of what is meant by ‘homophobia.’…Is there any reason to conclude that such beliefs are not expressions of a homophobic bigotry? Then let me make this clear, and I repeat that here I am speaking only on my own behalf, that it’s MY ‘belief’ that persons supporting this amendment are homophobic bigots.”

(Author’s note: By this logic, the Bible contains “hate speech” written by homophobic bigots. It isn’t really the Word of God).

“…(I)t’s a well established tactic of the radical Right to obscure the intelligibility of many contended issues by playing on the fears and prejudices of people incapable of reflection or by accusing their opponents of things they themselves are doing.  In my judgment, persons who actually support this grotesque amendment are literally and precisely homophobic bigots.  Are you telling me they are not?”

(Author’s note: Yes, Professor, I am telling you they are not. The Word of God is not a “phobia” or a disease. It is the Truth, even if it is unpopular at a “Catholic” university).

“Many bigots, after all, do not realize they are bigots.  And few nowadays will, in our society, acknowledge being bigots openly even if they realize they are.”

(Author’s note: Here’s where I finally agree with Professor Egan. He is a bigot and he doesn’t even know it).

“Doesn’t there have to be some standard of intelligence and moral seriousness at a real university?”

(Final author’s note: No. At Gonzaga University, there is no such requirement).

Mike S. Adams will speak at UNC-Greensboro on April 21st at 7 p.m. The event is open to the public.

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