Conservatives can’t fight a war either?

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I openly laugh at liberals who drive cars and fly in jets to their vacations in communist Cuba and live in heated homes telling me that “they” (not them, themselves, personally, of course, but you know, “they”) have got to do something about that “man-made global warming” (puff, puff).  In debate, they’ll argue that the amount of fuel or electricity THEY’RE using is OK—but everyone else must cut back. 

No.  Wrong.  And who are they to decide the “proper” amount?  (And by the way: this is the “science” they’re always on about?) 

As long as they drive, or even take the bus, watch TV, go to the movies, shop, and poop in a toilet, they need to shut up, which they won’t, and so I laugh at them, heartily.  It’s actually a little funny.  But that’s my policy, which is based on sound logic, unlike their pretentious, painfully hypocritical, liberal-leftist political pseudo-science pop claptrap. 

But the fact is that their “Free Tibet” (to borrow a Mark Steynism) method of “taking action” on climate change, which is to say “Free Tibet” by pacifistically doing exactly nothing to free it (and if anyone tries, they scream “make love, not war!”), has actually proven to be a success in a twisted sort of way.  I was going to say it worries me but actually I’m used to that kind of thing by now.  It’s Canadian.  It’s liberalism at work.  Someone else will do the hard lifting.  Someone else will pay the shot for health care.  Someone else will fight our wars.  Someone else will take the blame.  Someone else will look after us, and our kids.  Someone else will make it right.  Of course what sometimes happens is that someone else does set out to “free Tibet”—or in this case act on “man-made global warming”.  Then what?

Liberals and their hypocritical center of the universe, the Liberal Party and the further left you’ve got to be kidding party—and (importantly) their media—are now using the provably successful modus operandi of blaming others—such as the currently governing Conservative Party—for even their own past actions and inactions and indiscretions, as a matter of political course.  It’s become a routine for them.  It’s niggardly, and cowardly, deceitful, unprincipled, and disgraceful, but that’s the way liberals are.  And it’s working.  Just read the news today.  Conservatives are to blame for our Kyoto “obligations” being behind schedule. And for the Afghanistan prisoner handover problem. And much more. But the economy and the stock market is booming because of… the Liberals.

Liberals were in control when they ignorantly and (I think!) fraudulently signed the Kyoto Cult Stupidity Accord, and then proceeded to do utterly NOTHING to abide by its utterly ridiculous big world government stipulations, except to issue forth all manner of grandiose platitudes, pap, drivel and baloney.  Their media division were largely silent on this inaction or faux action, of course—choosing instead to push their more pressing agenda, the ever important gay marriage matter as the most important thing in the brave new century, as instructed by their various liberal-left political leaders and federally-funded homosexual pundits. 

Today, the new Conservative government acts (no, not on traditional marriage and a law against abortion or on lowering taxes, but…) on “man-made global warming” (my own grave misgivings aside), and the Liberals and the media attack the Conservatives for not being able to abide by the ridiculous Accord years late — a feat they, the liberals, know only too well is now completely impossible to achieve (the caterwauling and lies from the leftist environuts aside).  But Hell—it’s not on their watch so yell and scream and grab the mic and rant all day long, baby!  Free Tibet you idiots in power!  Just don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

To say otherwise about this phenomenon is to lie.  It has been proven over the past ten years that no liberals are prepared to do anything whatsoever about “man-made global warming”, on anything like a personal or political level. That’s the other proven fact or inconvenient truth that has a “scientific consensus”. 

Similarly, Liberals were also in control when the good General Rick Hillier signed the deal in 2005, which clearly took some months to draw up since we’d been there for a long time already, regarding Afghanistan prisoner handovers to Afghan government authorities.  Only today it was (finally) reported that lo and behold, the failed Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin and his temporary successor who was then-Defence Minister, Bill Graham,  signed-off on that deal themselves.  It was their deal all this time—not the Conservatives’ deal.  They knew it.  The media knew it.  The Conservatives knew it.  Everyone knew it—yet the Conservatives suck it up.

Liberals are solely to blame for any inadequacies in that deal.  Them and them alone.  Period.  Everybody with a brain and an ounce (a “milliliter” for you liberals) of fairness knows that now and knew it then.  So this is a total farce, in exactly the same way that the Kyoto Cult Stupidity Accord and the Liberals’ caterwauling on the matter is a total farce. 

Conservatives in government are now acting (actually, they have been since last fall) to improve the human rights aspect of that deal, their tortured and confusing statements notwithstanding (of course who among us in the sensible set wouldn’t be confused when the starting point is the Liberals’ horrible deal, their many various positions on Afghanistan, and their exceedingly hideous, confusing, conflicting pronouncements on staying there to win?);  and yet the liberals and their media somehow find it perfectly normal to blame the Conservatives for the deal though it was signed back in 2005, under a Liberal government watch.  Today’s understandable confusion is apparently worse than yesterday’s human rights and national reputation-endangering idiocy.  Only in liberal-land.  The Liberals are making a career of causing confusion and obfuscation and their media is eating it up and pooping it out, on our conservative front lawns.

The Liberals never even saw fit to change or amend their horrible deal after reflection and toking up with their Dutch counterparts (who made a better deal guaranteeing Afghan human rights checks), even while in meetings with them discussing the other important item of the day, the liberals’ new “Canadian value” of Dutch-style legalized pot-smoking for our kids in Canada.  So ask the Liberals to explain that —not the Conservatives who are amending and supplementing it to make it better.

But as long as conservatives sit down and allow this kind of fraudulent manipulation by the liberals and their media to take place, we conservatives ought to ask ourselves some questions too.  Ask why Tibet ain’t getting any more free by the day.  All conservatives should be enlisting and fighting the political war at home right about now. Instead, conservatives are on the sidelines watching events unfold. Like liberals and the war on terror. Waiting to lose.

A veteran CTV politics reporter-turned-analyst, Craig Oliver, said the other day on TV that Canada is at war, and ought to have a “war cabinet” and we ought to get serious about this war.  After I fell off my chair and got up again, I found that I of course agreed.  What he left out of course was that “we” ought to start “getting serious” by covering the issues fairly and fully in the media, and also that it wouldn’t hurt “us” to zip the liberal politicians’ mouths shut until they can act responsibly and stop endangering the morale and therefore the safety and effectiveness of our fighting troops in deadly serious combat—or at least call them on it. Again with the personal/media responsibility, huh?  I know: forget it—too radical. 

Let’s follow that up by breaking tradition and appointing a new full-time Defence Minister from the outside —not an MP who has to correspond with Betty Six-Pack from Okanokie about her pot-holes and who has to deal with the petty badgering and soapbox blather of mendacious liberals who make a sport of lying and deceiving Canadians for their greedy self interests and political power for hours every day in the House of Commons. 

And conservatives could experiment with getting serious, and not letting the liberals or their media get away with controlling the agenda.  They’re totally irresponsible—as all liberals are.  They will do whatever they can to lose the war and then, of course, attempt to blame us and at this rate, we’ll sit back and accept the blame. 

And going back to my opening paragraph, if, as the environuts alarmingly contend (and the media repeats ad nauseam), the fight against “man-made global warming” is “a war bigger than the first and second world war combined”, we should do the same with that file.  Appoint a war cabinet and fight the enemy—bearing in mind that the enemy is you, dear liberal, not “them”.

Joel Johannesen
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