Got my regular snail mail from the Communist Party of Canada. It comes from the “Centre for Socialist Education” in Vancouver.  Sort of puts the lie to the socialists’ contention that there’s a big difference between socialism and communism, as the Communists constantly conflate those two words, with “progressive” also thrown in, on an egalitarian basis.

Commie-Socialist-Progressive_May_eventsThey’re updating me on upcoming commie/socialist events.

“Dinner and Songs” celebrating the 93rd anniversary of the commies of Canada, with special guest Communist Party of Canada leader Miguel Figueroa. $15. It’s at the Centre for Socialist Education. Sounds like a hoot.

Then there’s a “People’s Voice Victory Banquet.” I gather this is named after the Soviet/Russian Victory Day which they hold every May 9. Tickets are $20, but, they note, “unwaged $10.”  Unwaged.  I guess unwaged means unemployed. I guess this crowd believes everyone should be paid a wage, no matter what they are, or are not, doing for a living.  So if you’re unemployed, you’re merely “unwaged”  —  until the Miguel Figueroa is elected, and he pays you with other people’s money.  Anyway, it’s at the Russian Hall in Vancouver. Huh.

They also have a mother’s day pancake breakfast (hey I thought that was merely a “Hallmark holiday,” but I guess as long as they write (as they did) “proceeds to People’s Voice” (their newspaper), then it’s OK to fund raise off of capitalist ventures.

And a “Left Film Night” at their Centre for Socialist Education. “Love in the Time of Cholera.” Written by a socialist author. Because as socialists, they obviously write better romantic literary works than, say,  Shakespeare, that capitalist nut.

Anyway it all sounds like a raucous May if you’re a commie/socialist/progressive/worker, even for the unwaged.

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