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Mr. D-for-Dummy’s column called “Make that one W and three Ds” by Jefferey Simpson in Tuesday’s Globe and Mail, begins, “U.S. President George W. Bush, who arrived in Canada yesterday, leads a credit-card superpower.  The United States, under his leadership, spends more than it raises in taxes, imports more than it exports, and uses more energy than the country can produce domestically. The U.S has become a strange kind of superpower, dependent on the money and energy of others to sustain its standard of living.”

Strangely, after that start, it includes nothing about Canada being almost TOTALLY reliant upon the United States for our relative riches and the sale of our resources; and is a neighbor without which we’d be a much skinnier version of ourselves, and our standard of living much lower.  But no matter:  his jejune diatribe isn’t really just about being anti-American, despite his typically vacuous, Canadian extremist left-wing anti-American-sounding opening lines.  It’s really about—can you guess?—yes, why of course, President George Bush.  And by extension, since you can’t vote or not vote for him as a Canadian, one must read this to mean anyone conservative-thinking. 

For example, he says: “Mr. Bush’s tax cuts, slanted to the rich and superrich, punched a hole in revenues”.  Totally untrue, although I have no doubt he used that phraseology (“punched a hole”) so he could later refute any challenges to his what I call Simpson’s intellectual dishonesty and deceit, by indicating that he never actually said that revenues didn’t go up.  Government revenues are at record highs in the U.S..  They went up, not down, after the tax cuts.  That’s an inconvenient truth for liberals and socialists and those who, like Simpson, appear to suffer from the dreaded Bush D-for-Derangement Syndrome, and who apparently can’t get their heads out of their D-for-Derriers.

He includes this line ”…calling on Americans to sacrifice for the ‘War on Terror’ ”.  Note his D-for-Dumbass quote marks around war on terror.  Exactly like the socialists’ state-run CBC —where it’s only a so-called war on terror.  The next paragraph includes another one just in case you missed the first one:  ”…Put another way, the ‘War on Terror’…,” and, later, he ever-so smartly opines (perhaps hoping that Islamist jihadists and Osama bin Laden are reading his juicy column will quote him in their next jihad video) that in his thick and D-for-Doom ‘n gloom head,  there is “no ‘victory’ imaginable.”  The word victory is also in quotes.  He can’t even IMAGINE a victory, notwithstanding several Democrats’ own assessment of the recent successes of the effort in Iraq, upon their return from the country. 

Here’s the truth as I see it:  What he can’t imagine is what victory would do to the liberal-left’s—particularly the extreme left’s—fortunes.  That’s why he and so many far-left-wingers like him here and in the U.S. (as mentored by their brains, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell, Cindy Sheehan, and Jack Layton) hope for D-for-Defeat and as the D-for-Democrats are now doing in Congress, try to legislate defeat through their government.  D-for-Duh.

So let’s add yet another “D”:  for Simpson’s unimaginative noggin being in a Distant galaxy

All in all, he blames President Bush—him in particular, mind you—for all of America’s woes, in spite of everything that has happened to that country:  fiscal, environmental, budgetary, matters with regard to the war on terror, international trade, and so on.  Everything.  It’s so shallow it borders on abject stupidity. 

I’m actually a little surprised at the Globe and Mail.  This is material more fit for a cheap fringe leftist rag—or to borrow Simpson’s juvenile, asinine metaphor, a (public) grade school essay.  Frankly, given Simpson’s apparent intellectual capacity, I’m not entirely sure the “triple Ds” Simpson keeps referring to isn’t a reflection of what he may actually be thinking about. So perhaps it’s more fitting for one of those liberal porno rags.

Joel Johannesen
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