Chilliwack school trustees vote to call it the CHRISTMAS holidays! Our new Canadian heroes!

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The Article

“Christmas?”  How dare you?!  Extremists! 

Just because that’s what it’s called, and it’s an official federal holiday endorsed by all governments but far more importantly by Canadians as a general matter, doesn’t mean you can call it that, does it?  I mean sure it’s a holiday of historic and traditional and sacred significance, embraced by all normal, inclusive, Canadians and nearly all people living in the western world.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to abide by the dictates of the blinkered fringe — the pathologically politically correct progressive set.  Or so we are constantly told by them, in no uncertain — and often angry and dismissive— terms.

But here comes the clear thinking of a rare down-to-earth woman in politics today, Chilliwack trustee Heather Maahs

Yesterday the Vancouver suburb of Chilliwack and its school board adopted the motion put forward by Maahs, to go ahead and officially call the upcoming school holiday what it was.  Christmas.  Imagine that.  No, not “happy-tree fest”, no, not “inclusiveness and organic meandering through unidentified time”, no, not “the winter solstice of all-get-out”, and no not even what they were officially calling it up to now so as not to irreparably mangle the tender sensibilities of the obsessively politically-correct fringe, “winter vacation” (much related to the above-mentioned “winter solstice of all-get-out”). 

“We’re not having a holiday because it’s winter,” trustee Martha Wiens is quoted this morning in the reports in the Vancouver Sun and the Province newspapers. “We are having a holiday because it’s Christmas, so why not just say what it is.”  Well of course the militantly left-wing teachers’ unions can think of a dozen reasons why not, but let’s not spoil the good pre-Christmas buzz I’ve got going right now with the dictates of the left-wing militant unions and their progressive politics advocacy and their political-correctness mantra.  Calling it Christmas makes me want to shop! 

“I say let’s take a walk on the wild side…” Heather Maahs is quoted as saying at the meeting.  Imagine having to classify yourself and those who vote with you as some kind of wild rogues for simply calling Christmas what it is — in Canada (you’d think we were living in Iran).  And for once, for respecting Canada and its own sacred, and purely historic, and time-honored, traditional celebrations and holidays.  And for not constantly kowtowing to that ridiculous progressive fringe, and what they wrongly presume (on behalf of others) to be some sort of an egregious racial or religious insult to every non-evangelical and white-skinned Christian, or new Canadians —or some other such phantom menace as dreamed-up by the progressives.  This is how far we’ve let the progressives set us back in this country.

This is why we need to push back at them.  Push hard.  Get us back on track. 

Heather Maahs tells me in an email that already the response to her has been overwhelming, with enthusiastic messages on her phone and email.  “I think people have just had enough,” she wrote to me. 

She is absolutely right.  And I’m in a position to know. 

Congratulations to the Chilliwack school board and Heather Maahs.  Welcome back to Canada, Chilliwack.  Bring your friends. 

And merry Christmas.  Let me say it boldly and big:

And I really mean it.

Apparently incapable of departing from the template of the exemplary PC liberal media reporter, at all-news radio station CKWX in Vancouver Tamara Slobogean presumes to speak for “the rest of us”

Even after calling the original “holiday” wordage “PC”, she concludes this way, obedient to what she seems to feel are her government masters:


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