CBC News anchor can’t pronounce “Blagojevich”; and can’t pronounce “DEMOCRAT”

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The Article

I’ll stop reporting these “that doofus liberal/reporter can’t even done pronounce them dang words right” stories when the liberal-ass media stops mocking Sarah Palin for exactly nothing (or worse), and mocking George Bush for what (for example) “news” site cnews.canoe.ca calls “Funniest Bushisms” (their gratuitous, permanent “news” feature comes complete with the most hideous clown-like photos of him that they could possibly dig up) —all in order to mock him for mispronouncing words like “nucular”.  And when they start noting when liberals do it ten times worse, and when they notice, for example, that then-Senator Obama called our Prime Minister the “President of Canada”, and so on.  And when National Post columnists like George Jonas, who wrote things like this…

“Forget Mike Huckabee, despite Iowa. Even Americans won’t send someone to the White House who says “irregardless” without blinking. (Yes, I know they put up with George W. talking about North Korea’s nukular ambitions, but it’s not the same thing.)”
—George Jonas—National Post column, January 12, 2008

…stop.  Then I’ll stop. 

imageToday, doofus CBC Newsworld anchor Andrew Nichols couldn’t get his head around the difficult name of the former Illinois DEMOCRATIC PARTY governor Rod Blagojevich.  As those of us who watch the news know, it’s pronounced Bluh-goy-a-vik.  But Nichols could only manage something like Blah-go-je-vich, pronouncing both the hard J and the hard CH at the end, said very slowly, like a 6-year-old. 

That “multicultural mosaic” “Canadian Value” sure is workin’  out good.

And ironically, over the banner “BLOGOJEVICH TELL-ALL” (it’s about his “tell-all book” deal), like all the liberal media, in Nichols’ little story, he still hasn’t “told all” to the Canadian news consumer, and has failed to honor Blagojevich with the very important party affiliation (DEMOCRATIC PARTY), unlike what they do with absolutely every single instance of a Republican in trouble that I can recall, ever.

I got another email from the Conservative Party, in which Irving Gerstein, who is in charge of Conservative Party fund raising wrote:  “Please take a moment and read the article in it’s entirety.” 

Eagle-eyed grammar Nazis like me would notice his incorrect use of “it’s”.  It’s not it’s in this case, it’s its.  No apostrophe.

Irving Gerstein graduated from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania, and attended The London School of Economics.

I didn’t.



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