“CBC IN CUBA: Cuban activist thinks Trudeau visit will help chip away at state control.”

Yeah…. I’m not so sure Trudeau is your man to “chip away at state control.” Especially as reported by the state-owned, and Trudeau backed, CBC. In fact I’m sure of it. And if I’m cbc-2016-11-16_080811honest, while I’m sure the Cubans desire it (Cuban exiles all voted for Trump), I’m not at all sure the CBC or Trudeau desires any such “chipping away at state control.”

I can’t stop chuckling whenever I see the state-owned CBC referring to anything in the socialist/communist world which is “state-owned” or “state-controlled.” I always think they must be cringing every time they are forced to reconcile with themselves that they too are state-owned and state-controlled, and I wonder if they’re embarrassed being in the same state-owned boat as institutions in Cuba, North Korea, or any number of other socialist/communist failed states.

And then I wake up, and realize that of course they’re not embarrassed and of course they don’t cringe. It’s exactly what they want.

When Justin Trudeau comes home, assuming he will come back from his grand outreach to the communists, he will carry on chipping away at our personal responsibility, individual control, private enterprise — and building-up state control. The CBC will flourish.


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