Rise of the Normals

Wall Street Journal — The Revolt of the Unwoke. The normals rise up against the wokeidiots. Grab some popcorn.

I’ll get to you when I get to you, stupid taxpayer

Global News — Want emails? Wait five years, Public Health Agency of Canada tells access requestor, in a move seemingly vying for the Justin Trudeau Award of Merit for the obtuse display of utter arrogance, lack of transparency, corruption, as well as something akin to deep state tyranny, and, of course, pure unadulterated assholery. Any competent PM would fire him. Obviously.

Light on the… ugly facts

National Post (and others) Bringing new meaning to the phrase "light on details," the NatPo writes up a story ("Moderna to build a vaccine plant in Canada with federal cash, Champagne to announce") with precisely no details. But at least it helps the Trudeau Liberal election campaign. To wit: "The deal is coming just days before a federal election is expected to be called and is light on details, but the drug giant is committed to building a plant somewhere in Canada that could supply the domestic market with vaccines." And that's it for the "details." No  "details" on the corporate welfare dollar amount from the federal government to Moderna, a nearly $200 BILLION-dollar and notably American company whose share price has gone from $15.73 (USD) before the government-induced pandemic to $474.52 now. And Moderna is already expanding on its own accord for its own profit. Motley Fool reports: "The company is also investing in technology improvements and beefing up its global commercial operations."

Meanwhile in left-wing BC: 90% of new jobs are **public-sector**. Not private.

I'm no big fan of the BC Liberal Party, on account of the "Liberal" in the name and the liberal in their core. But...

70% of “news” media misinforms on new CDC guidance on masks

The CDC just announced that masking is no longer required in the parts of the country where the Wuhan Virus (they call it "COVID-19"...

Always believe what the government tells you, you guys.

Or, be like this reporter who doesn't buy what this idiot is selling (and is thus doing his actual job as a reporter, now...

Provoke THIS

Vancouver Sun — Chinese Tycoon Jailed For 18 Years. Yeah. Seems right. After all, he was “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” with the Communist Party elites, according to the jack-booted Chinese Communist "justice" authorities. I imagine I'd be in a great deal of trouble with Justin Trudeau and his cadre of idiots and tyrannical nutbars in the Liberal Party of Woke Asses if we were more like China. Hey! No wonder some* people in Canada "admire that basic dictatorship"! (P.S. — I can't find the article online at any of the PostMedia papers — just in their eprint versions. I wonder if they pulled a KODAK and bowed to their Chinese Communist masters after a stern rebuke from China's ambassador.) *Justin Trudeau, ass.

Got travel plans to the USA? Canadian Dollar slides to 76.8 cents.

Not bad enough that your road trip to far-away Texas or Florida will cost you more in gas, but now your dollar will go...

Don’t invest in Canada, apparently.

Fraser Institute —  A new study shows Canada is experiencing a significant loss of investment, and it isn't in just the oil and gas industry. In "Industry-Level Private Sector Capital Expenditures in Canada: 1990-2019," they write, "The country’s recent weak investment performance, especially in machinery and equipment plus intellectual property products, which is so critical to improving productivity, augurs poorly for future productivity growth in Canada’s private sector and underscores the urgency of tax and regulatory reforms to strengthen incentives for investment and entrepreneurship in Canada’s business sector." Good job, government. Good planning, Trudeau Libs.

O’Toole out. Moreover, Whoopi Goldberg was suspended! And Jeff Zucker quit CNN!

What a day. The only thing that could make it better is for Justin Trudeau to step down and take a knee in one...

Whose side are they on?

Wall Street Journal — I always thought the warnings about bombing a country, or conversely, blathering on worldwide TV news about such things as...

Ben & Jerry are melted ice cream blobs

CTV News —  "The chair of Ben and Jerry's board of directors says the company's decision to no longer sell ice cream in the Israeli-occupied settlements is not anti-Semitic." We'll be the judge of that. ... Judge's Verdict: Ben & Jerry's is an outfit run by socialist activist idiots who apparently hate Jews and Israel and have demonstrated their anti-semitism here; and you should never eat their garbage ice cream which tastes awful anyway. And it's horrible for you.

“Buy local, ‘cept when it’s oil.” —Joe Biden

Financial Post "Follow the Science™" my butt. "Oh nozzz, da Climate Crisis!™" my butt. “The Biden administration pleading with OPEC to increase oil production to rescue the United States from high fuel prices months after cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline smacks of hypocrisy,” Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage said in a statement Wednesday. “Keystone XL would have provided Americans with a stable source of energy from a trusted ally and friend.” But it would have cost votes him votes from the "Follow the Science™" set.

Take a Hint, Canada.

Yahoo News — Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigned on Thursday after parliament formally condemned her handling of the Afghanistan evacuation crisis. Too bad Canada...

Top Democrat suggests slapping women around if they don’t agree with your politics

I enjoy it when progressives/liberals/lefties/Dems slip up and reveal their true selves. It's very good for democracy. Here's Robert Reich (best known for his role...