Only the Globe and Mail is dumbfounded by motive for David Amess stabbing

Either the Globe and Mail is slow-walking the truth so you don't find out, or they're just lousy at their jobs. Because while the...

The Brothers Cuomo. And CNN. What crap smells like.

New York Post —  You might not even have heard, because nearly the entire "news" media industrial complex — especially in Canada — is trying to bury it, but another lefty Democratic governor has been officially outed as a lying, arrogant, elitist, sexist, self-important, hypocritical asshole. He quit before going through the spectacle of impeachment and being carried out of office by police officers (those who still remain in New York after all the defunding and general state-leaving). ¶  One story quotes an enraged Megyn Kelly who told them, “Now we find out they [the governor Andrew Cuomo and his asshole brother, star CNN "news" host Chris Cuomo, who still works there happily] work together to silence these women and attack these 11 accusers that came forward against Andrew Cuomo, none of whom came from any positions of power,” she said.

But it’s not as bad as Hitler!

Vancouver Sun — A tale of bullshitters: but at least the Sun got it sort of right in their print edition (only). B.C. Racks Up Record 5.5B Deficit. Online, they went the CBC way. See, the state-owned CBC, which literally relies on the socialist mindset and socialist politics for its very "business model" (hahaha) and its survival, skirted facts, truth, and principles entirely in this case, headlining with the positive BS spin as if provided directly by the NDP gov itself: B.C.'s budget deficit lower than forecast at $5.5B: finance minister. It betrays these "journalists" as activists instead. And as obviously sympathetic, rather than dubious and challenging — as is their job — of the ruling socialist NDP in BC, and their obvious BS spin.

Everybody needs to learn from mistakes… except me, cuz I’m an expert journalist.

Globe and Mail — There is little I dislike more than those who think of themselves as above the fray and smarter than the rest of us. To wit, this guy is super smart and knew it all along, but "Canada and the U.S. must learn from the Afghanistan debacle": In fact, SOME Canadians learned a long time ago from this debacle... which hadn't even happened yet: Martin admitted so in his piece, but I guess it wouldn't fit into the headline! Conservative PM Stephen Harper was quite right, way back when, as Martin wrote, “We’re not going to win this war just by staying,” then-prime minister Stephen Harper told U.S. journalist Fareed Zakaria in a 2009 interview. “In fact, my own judgment, quite frankly, is that we are not going to ever defeat the insurgency.” 
For actual good reading on this "debacle," read both Michael Tracy and Glen Greenwald, both on Substack.

Poll: More than half of San Fran residents plan to ditch

The city known as Liberal-left Progressive Central, San Fransisco, is doing about as well as President Joe Biden. Which is to say terribly. San Francisco...

Light on the… ugly facts

National Post (and others) Bringing new meaning to the phrase "light on details," the NatPo writes up a story ("Moderna to build a vaccine plant in Canada with federal cash, Champagne to announce") with precisely no details. But at least it helps the Trudeau Liberal election campaign. To wit: "The deal is coming just days before a federal election is expected to be called and is light on details, but the drug giant is committed to building a plant somewhere in Canada that could supply the domestic market with vaccines." And that's it for the "details." No  "details" on the corporate welfare dollar amount from the federal government to Moderna, a nearly $200 BILLION-dollar and notably American company whose share price has gone from $15.73 (USD) before the government-induced pandemic to $474.52 now. And Moderna is already expanding on its own accord for its own profit. Motley Fool reports: "The company is also investing in technology improvements and beefing up its global commercial operations."

It’s a damn boat launch, not rockets

Delta Optimist Local, but the story is increasingly pandemic — "No bids to fix Delta boat launch". You know you've got a problem when a government contract goes out to bid (meaning Big Guaranteed Bucks!), and not one single company in an area with millions of residents and thousands of businesses even bothers to submit a bid. And then you get to the nut of the matter: "Parks, Recreation and Culture director Ken Kuntz told council it’s a complex project requiring three senior levels of government approvals." It's a freakin' wharf! A small one! But increasingly, businesses are running out of time and patience dealing with GOVERNMENTS and their myriad rules, regulations, approval steps, enviro regs, sundry political complications, and on, and on, and on, ad infinitum. The city has now hired an engineering firm just to "help move the approval process along." It now takes a specialized engineering firm to get thru the approval process? Dear God.

Thanks Again, Government.

Liberalvision — After breathlessly reporting endlessly on the recent rash of Wuhan Virus outbreaks in BC's interior region, the BC "news" media, which...

Huawei exec cites desire to hire “high nose” folk, in latest insult to Canadians

National Post and Postmedia papers — Wow. Apparently we just can't cancel anybody except white males. Headline: Huawei must seek 'high-nose' foreign talent from Canada and...

We won’t “get thru this together,” any more, boyfriend.

Globe and Mail — The Liberals' Globe and Mail division sounded off today on none other than their hero, liberalism's fancy-socked neo-liberal, The Right Woke Justin Trudeau. Seems the marriage is off.
"...We will never find comfort in the Liberal Leader’s corrupted line that we will “get through this together.” He doesn’t mean it. Only certain people matter to Mr. Trudeau – the ones he uses to prosecute identity politics for the singular purpose of furthering his destiny. ..."
The G&M, in a historic fashion reminiscent of the Maclean's revelation of two years ago, suddenly wakes up to discover that the Emperor wears no clothes; or at least those he does wear are just butt-ugly, overly showy, and of poor — possibly Fabrique en Chine —quality. He is, in fact, Right Woke, as I've been saying. And thus, the G&M finally seems to have woken up. Good morning.

Ivermectin Ivermectin Ivermectin Ivermectin

Why Is the FDA Attacking a Safe, Effective Drug? Ivermectin! There I said it. Now, weird zombie people will attack me. Why? Because according...

Biden underwater — Well that didn't take long. It's not even September yet. On August 13, I spotted Biden's polling going south. Now the lines have crossed and he's officially in negative territory. Did I mention it's not even September — of his first year — yet? Canadian polling for Justin Trudeau and his lying campaign video editors and cabinet ministers is also down. Maybe being aloof, disconnected from reality, and patently dishonest isn't a good strategy. Huh.

17 paragraphs is a lot

Globe & Mail — 17 paragraphs, before they finally tell you the salient facts. This is how the liberals' news media division roll, these days, when forced to report (or more accurately, they "report") on their ideological allies — as they did today regarding disgraceful New York Governor Cuomo. The 4th paragraph informs us, "She didn’t give a more specific reason for her resignation." It took until the 17th for them to mention: "DeRosa was mentioned 187 times in the attorney general’s report, which detailed the administration’s efforts to discredit some of his accusers. The report described DeRosa as a central figure in his office’s retaliation against one of the women...". They entirely neglected to mention (oops!) that both DeRosa and that "metoo" activist (!!), Roberta Kaplan, together, schemed — utterly immorally — when they "reviewed a draft letter aimed at discrediting Cuomo accuser Lindsey Boylan...". That part was reported, properly, only at the National Review.

Take a Hint, Canada.

Yahoo News — Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigned on Thursday after parliament formally condemned her handling of the Afghanistan evacuation crisis. Too bad Canada...

How to lose

BC Liberal Party website — They obviously put out a news release announcing their leadership debate, stating, as even their own website states, that...