Because it’s 2021. And now we know.

National Post — Rex Murphy nails it as usual when talking today about Justin Trudeau and his callousness, his vacuousness, and his increasingly evident shallowness. This passage uses other such words, more nicely arranged:
"Taking all this, and so much more, into consideration, if one steps back a bit, the motivation for this election is clear: Ego, arrogance, hunger for applause and intellectual idleness."
"Hunger for applause" is half the problem today in politics and just about everywhere else in modern life. I see it amongst almost all politicians today because they don't know any better, or I might even venture to say they simply aren't any better. But objectively speaking, it is most pronounced — I dare say "systemic" —among Liberals and the NDP leadership. We should boo them all just to show them. Boo everything they ever say.

Good morning voters!


I have a hunger — we have a real, serious need — for someone who can rise above that, and shun the applause in favor of seriousness, and doing the right thing.

Who’da thunk it? (Act shocked!)

Don't worry, NOBODY COULD HAVE PREDICTED THIS. The Trudeau libs merely wanted people to smoke it just a little bit and The Science didn't...

Apology NOT accepted.

Risk: From the liberals' Globe and Mail division Reward: From the progressives' state-owned CBC wing   The Liberals' very own Toronto Star went all-in on it today.

Lefty Mayor caught maskless but it’s ok: “I was feelin’ the spirit!”

National Review — Another article you won't read in 99% of the "news" media because, oh do I even have to say it?... she's...

Butt-hurt du jour

Twitter (ugh) — This pithy tweet:


Be brave.

Rarely do I get to post something without saying anything (except this).

Canada Day should be Canada Month or Canada Season (said no progressive, ever).

Had enough of the Holy Month Of Pride? Or as one wily tweeter called it, alluding to the trans and sexual and nudity and...

WE: The liberals’, the Liberals’, and Trudeau’s shame —documented in 4-part podcast

The Podcastosphere — I've listened to four parts of the well-done series titled "The White Saviors," narrated by Olusola Adeogun. There will be one more episode. The series documents the "cult" — yes, cult is the word used by an interviewee who worked for them — that is the liberals' own WE organization. I always thought of this WE group as cult-y, and corrupt, and as phony as a Liberal or NDP campaign promise, and as a leftist brainwashing center of bullshittery, but now, more so. Including, or especially because of, Justin Trudeau's participation in it. And the news media's love of it. And Big Public Education's embrace of it. And all of that combined.
The podcast is well described as "the exclusive story of a charity that did well when it was supposed to be doing good."
Produced by Canadaland, which has been on it for years, and arguably broke the story of WE and Liberal Party corruption in 2020.

Click and learn:

“Gun Control” is a BS political device used by the progressive left.

It's a random totally U.S. story, once again spotted and then hastily posted — by the Canadian news media — as if there's nothing...

Read the news? Yeah. That didn’t happen.

Megan Phelps-Roper - Substack —  Remember that story about that "Karen" who called the cops on a black dude (which the media made sure you knew was a black dude), and which the media portrayed as "yet another" story of “raaaacism!”, because (paraphrasing), "that white racist bitch only called the cops because he was black" and so on? Yeah. What it was "yet another" one of, was yet another news media total lie. The Real Story of “The Central Park Karen”

Liberals give a quarter million of your cash to multi-billion-dollar US corporation to upgrade...

I was going to say that since this "progressive" government wants to pay for literally everything, there ought to be a government program to...

“Increased Attack Rate” = The Progressives Are Offended

We have to feel lucky these attacks aren't against Canada, but just against the website ProudToBeCanadian. If Canada were under attack, we'd have to...

Click Click (sound of a ratchet): “trans woman” now = “female” (NB: contains misinformation!)

OK so you won't listen to me. Fine. I found a good observation by a different man, this one named Colin Wright (of Quillette...

Left-wing’s New York Times division spins O’Toole’s ouster as good for Trudeau

In what world is replacing a weak opposition leader — who nonetheless got more votes than Trudeau in the last election — with a...

Wall Street Journal: “Trudeau’s Destructive ‘Emergency’”

I made a seven-part Twitter thread this morning, built out of selected quotes from a Wall Street Journal editorial (that's a free link), and...