Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Harper invested some of Canada’s newfound global heft and growing global respect today, as he argued for, and succeeded, in causing a change in an important resolution.

The resolution as originally written—in typical liberal-left U.N.-like anti-Israel style, called for a recognition of the suffering of those in Lebanon this past summer.  Not in Israel—just Lebanon.  Israel presumably deserved to suffer through the slaughter that the terrorist Hezbollah Islamo-fascist savages imposed on them by lobbing bombs into civilian populations on purpose in order to kill as many innocent Jews as possible.

“Obviously, Canada believes…..we should recognize the victims in both Lebanon and Israel,” he said.  Obvious only if you’re not abjectly anti-Israel.

BUCHAREST, Romania (CP) – Prime Minister Stephen Harper has opposed a resolution at la Francophonie that would have recognized only the suffering of people in Lebanon following this summer’s conflict in the Middle East.

Most of the members at the summit of French-speaking countries supported the Egyptian-proposed resolution Friday, with the split forcing participants to continue their debate on the contentious issue.

Not reported in the above story [Editor’s note: link now broken], the debate continued and after our Canadian Prime Minister spoke, the wording was changed such that the suffering of all the people —including even the Jews in Israel —was recognized.

And if I may tip my hat and expose my pro-Canada bias at this point:

Yay Canada,  and yay Prime Minister Harper.   Go team!


Read the CTV’s report on this [Editor’s note: CTV article no longer available], which rightfully credits our Conservative Prime Minister Harper for the change.  And compare it to the state-run far-leftist CBC’s coverage.

After reading the state-run CBC anti-Canada bias, revert back to this
imageCTV video clip [Editor’s note: CTV article no longer available] on it—CTV reporter Rosemary Thompson is there reporting live. CBC is not, as far as I can tell. offers no video clip at all of this important pro-Canada, pro-Israel turn of events.

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