Canada’s liberals are, in fact, dumb bombs

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Proving that Canada is far from serious about this war on terror and its own defence and national security, Canada still doesn’t have already years-old, latest generation laser-guided “smart-bomb” technology for its now already aging CF-18 fighter jets, which would enable them to fire ammunition at enemies with pinpoint accuracy and deadly force—something even third-world Iran boasts it can do.  Liberals are in favor of that. 

Why are they in favor of that?  Well for one thing, it’s their fault.  They did this.  But also, as a result of their perfidy, Canada can’t send its fleet of CF-18s to aid our relatively huge effort in Afghanistan—a mission which the liberal-left in Canada hates—to help protect our Canadian troops’ lives and advance our noble mission’s goals there, without that technology.  Readers know I’ve been demanding they do just that since the Liberals begrudgingly started the mission in 2001 following the latest declaration of war against us by Islamist terrorists, on September 11, 2001—and it’s a decision they apparently weren’t any more serious about than their sacred Kyoto Accord with its hilarious targets they had no plan to nor intention of meeting. 

Liberals, who were busy improperly deploying all of the nations’ resources and attention enacting emergency gay “marriage” legislation and redefining the definition of “family” and “marriage” at any cost whatsoever, even while Islamist terrorism was festering in front of their faces and a real war was going on, are still unaware or unwilling to admit or unwilling to come to grips with the fact that Islamist terrorists turned several passenger aircraft into “smart bombs” on that memorable day in 2001.  Note that the terrorists employed this “smart bomb” technology without any squabbling over contracts.


  Canadian Forces CF-18 fighter jet—painted in the fabulous “Proud To Be Canadian” motif … but lacking the latest “smart bomb” technology.

The Liberal government failed to ensure that our fighter jet fleet—aging as it was—was up to date with modern-day war technology, thus failed to do their custodial and constitutional and moral minimum duty which is to ensure our nation’s safety and security.  They failed to act despite their more than decade of failed leadership of this largely undefended country.  After their merciful defeat in 2006, and now that the Conservative government finally let out the overdue contracts last March to Lockheed Martin—one of three bidders—soon after winning the election last year, Canada’s liberals now want to stop the processRight in the middle of a war.  And they are doing it for nothing but political purposes, even at the expense of our Afghanistan mission, and the risk to our troops and our national security.  And they’re using one of their own tools to do it—yet another Liberal Party-stacked “tribunal”. 

The latest political football and lose-the-war tactic for them is no less than a Canadian International Trade Tribunal ruling from the liberals’ sacred Canadian International Trade Tribunal (the Chairman of the organization and all members were appointed by Liberals).  And this, even at the expense of our Canadian troops’ lives and our national security.

This proves in yet another way that far from being serious about winning the war, they actually want to lose it.  They can’t legislate defeat by officially surrendering like the pantywaist-wearing Islamist appeasers that they are, because they’re not in power and the treason would simply be too obvious even for the liberals’ media to digest.  They obliquely demand we do surrender, nonetheless.  So liberals are attempting to achieve the same result using every other method they can think of —this one being right up their ally:  big-government political and bureaucratic constipation and a good verbal oozing of liberal-leftist brain poo to forestall the deployment of our military equipment to the field—in this case using a bureaucratic institution they stacked with their own appointees.

Their Trade Tribunal—not to be confused with their various “Human Rights” tribunals and such—has put a stop to the process of updating our jets because of a complaint by contract winner Lockheed Martin’s competitors. This is a liberal-left dream come true, and a result which I’m sure even the corporations who launched a complaint couldn’t have desired, since they’re not in the business of losing wars, like the liberals are, but rather winning them.  Once again, their bureaucracy and all those appointments made over the years comes through for them.

Canada’s liberal-left politicians and voters have of course already determined and pronounced that Canada’s troops are not doing anything worthwhile in Afghanistan—worse, they’re actually causing harm there.  So by logical extension they would hardly have an interest in protecting them (quite the opposite, I suspect, but for the media optics of it).  Also, they have apparently determined—perhaps through “U.N. computer modeling”—that Canada will be in absolutely no danger from terrorists or any other threat whatsoever, at least not until this stupid bureaucratic matter is vetted by them—in the media of course—and settled to their political satisfaction.  Further, the science is apparently settled on there being no risk of skirmishes anywhere in the terror and Islamist-threatened world, like in, say, Sudan, or in the Congo, or in, I don’t know, Canada, in which Canada could play a pivotal pro-active humanitarian military role. 

No, life-and-death wars can’t be fought until the Liberal joker Denis Coderre is finished his little comedy stage act and his blathering on and on before the fawning media, calling Prime Minister Harper “President Harper” to much repeated giggling amongst news anchors on the national media.  And not until liberals across Canada have finished finding ways of demeaning and talking-down Canada and its mission. 

And no, not until liberals in and out of their media division get some juicy political mileage and headlines out every possible thing—war deaths and political stumbles along the way (even those which were caused directly by Liberal governments and their own failings and inadequate arrangements and purposeful unavailability of even minimal modern equipment). 

But don’t worry, they “support the troops”.

The smart-bombs-updating contract, however suspect or poorly awarded it was or wasn’t, should obviously be completed non-stop and ASAP, even as the stupid legal debate continues—which it likely will for years and years.  But that’s too sensible and serious a notion for liberals to consider.  For example, doing that would help us advance in the war in Afghanistan. 

For them, it’s better that we put our troops and our mission at risk while they continue to attempt to garner cheap political points and media stories and attention and Denis Coderre prattles off a few more jokes, which their liberal media collectively giggle at.  They are all dumb bombs.

The only real news here is that the Liberals failed our nation and purposely—some might say treasonously—neglected our military to the point of near rust-out.  And the real emergencies in this country—like the war on terror; national defence and national security and generally fighting wars to protect —rather then risk and ruin and re-fashion or re-define our families and attempt to re-write our nation’s core values to their trendy “progressive” flavor of the month—are all too real for liberals. 


Thanks to Ron and others for educating me on munitions and correcting some of my wording.

Joel Johannesen
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