Canada Day should be Canada Month or Canada Season (said no progressive, ever).

Had enough of the Holy Month Of Pride? Or as one wily tweeter called it, alluding to the trans and sexual and nudity and overt child grooming nonsense happening in Canada and elsewhere during this holy time, “Pervert Month.”

Mercifully it will be over in a day or so, and I have a feeling in subsequent years, assuming there are any despite the progressive’s climate guru Greta Thunberg’s predictions of the literal end of humanity in June of 2023 (yes earlier this month!), it will start to die a deserved death. Personally, I never dug it much, and now I’m done with it. They blew it. It’s over for me.

And what was once Pride Day and became Pride Weekend, then Pride Week, then Pride Month, we can also be assured it won’t — at least without a fight — be turned into “Pride Season” despite the gaslighting by the Pervs. I mean the Liberals.

How did “pride” (which was recently hijacked and taken over by trans cultists and became TRANS pride, and which then also served as a proxy for progressives and it became Progressive Politics Pride, um “season,”, ever earn themselves a whole month — or season — of “celebration” …  and, uh, S&M ‘n genderwang displays in front of bewildered and confused children?

Is there ANYTHING else worthy of such a “season” of celebration? Apparently not when the progressives are in charge. But in truth, in reality, the things that really deserve celebrating for a whole month or a whole season are, I don’t know, a dozen good things: freedom for one. But yeah I know — the left thinks that’s a “far-right-wing” thing or something now, and they apparently are against that.

Another one: I dunno, Canada, or better yet, The Family. Any arguments? Bet there would be from some quarters! Hi progressives!

Well, they can bugger off. Happy Canada Day everyone, and happy Family Season.

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