Canada being recognized in the U.S. for its ineptitude

America’s biggest newspaper is recognizing Canada today, once again not for something good, or something that is pride-inducing for Canadians, but instead for its Liberal government’s ineptitude. At least this time it wasn’t for its Liberal government corruption. (Then again Liberal government corruption wasn’t literally killing people.)

Don’t blame any of that trendy-amongst-smug-Canadians notion of “American ignorance about Canada” (etcetera ad nauseum). The writer is a Canadian. He doesn’t sound Canadian. Which isn’t a bad thing.

“Many complain that the vaccine registration systems, controlled by provinces, are impenetrable or Soviet: You have to know someone or hope for a lucky glitch that lets you slide into the queue. The statistics also offer little hope. So far, 1.8% of Canadians have been fully vaccinated, a rate that puts us slightly behind Brazil.”

Sounds a little like me with that “Soviet” reference. Which of course makes him spot on. He went on:

“Further, when the first round of jabs began around February, disheartening news followed. In early March, Canada became the only country in the world to delay the second dose by four months. We love our quirks, but uniquely inept life-and-death policy decisions strain one’s patience. When addressing how that extension would affect the province of British Columbia, Canada’s chief science adviser, Mona Nemer, framed it as a “population-level experiment.” How comforting.”

Personally, I’m increasingly uncomforted. I’m actually starting to squirm. It’s now the last day of March, well over a year since this Wuhan Virus started, a month past that now forgotten (in the news media) but still unexplained and very deadly pause in vaccine deliveries which were arranged by Justin Trudeau himself to much fanfare (or at least he took all of the camera time and credit, and praise was literally heaped upon this benighted one by his news media divisions when he announced what turns out to be far less than “iron-clad” vaccine contracts, way back when); and Canada is, today, still ranked below third-world countries in the number of people fully vaccinated. We’re at number 41st in the world today, according to Bloomberg.

Here in BC, the Big Government authorities are today again increasing the lockdowns (Soviet-style) to accomplish I don’t know what, exactly, while, as Chris Selley points out today in the National post, down south, some states (red only) are thriving — both economically and in their Wuhan-Commie-Virus stats, and more importantly, in their quality of life.

“Many Canadians were aghast when, at the beginning of March, the governors of Texas and Mississippi  announced all businesses could open at 100-per-cent capacity, and tore up their states’ mask mandates. Further calamity would surely follow!

“Nope. Daily cases in Texas and in Mississippi are down by 49 and 57 per cent since then, respectively; daily deaths by 57 and 72 per cent; ICU occupancy by 46 and 47 per cent. That’s with the more virulent British strain dominant or set to become dominant….”

I can only conclude that being as herd-like compliant, obedient, unquestioning and complacent as Canadians are, and Americans are in the blue states —is literally killing us.