BC Hydro is a capitalist “corporation” in much the same way Cuba is “democratic” or “free”

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The Article

This might seem a minor thing if this is the only blog entry of mine that you ever read. But actually, after dozens of blog entries over my many years of documenting this Orwellian crap, it’s not minor at all.

Here we have the Vancouver Sun, once again whitewashing the folly of big-huge government and its many tentacles which meddle with and wreck free enterprise and capitalism, while at the same time tarnishing corporate Canada. And I think it’s purposeful. It certainly is purposeful on the part of the government.

In this eight-millionth story of yet another “corporation” screwing the little guy, the government, and its conduit the Vancouver Sun, blurs the very distinctive line between government and business, once again. BC Hydro, which is what this is about, is a branch of The Government. It is The Government. It is 100% owned by, and run by, and reports only to, The Government.

BC Hydro is not a “corporation” in anything like the traditional free-market capitalist sense, in which we call businesses which have incorporated “corporations.”

Yet you’d never know it:

…And he questioned why BC Hydro does not hire certified electricians to install the smart meters to start with.

The corporation relies on its subsidiary Corix Utilities to train installers for the job. …

–Vancouver Sun, August 9, 2012

Yes those evil corporations are, well, evil, aren’t they? Thank God we have governments to oversee them! “Corporations” like these are just in it for the huge profits. Riding on the backs of the working man! Except they’re not. Any “profits” which this division of The Government, BC Hydro, generates, is tax. Government cash, which goes right into government coffers. It is, in fact government. All government.

“Corporation” my arse.


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