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It’s not like it was unexpected, but the (even more) socialist opposition gains against the governing Liberals yesterday weren’t inevitable either.

There’s lots of talk in the chattering classes about the BC Conservatives splitting the so-called “center-right” vote (something I sneer at every time I hear it, since the BC Liberals are as progressive and liberal as, well, liberals are). But the first thing I’d have liked to have seen was an actual campaign waged by the BC Conservatives. They let this one get away despite the apparent momentum they’d been getting in recent polls.

Have ya heard about the Twitter, over there in BC Conservative world? Because I saw only the scarcest of Tweets from the leader during the “campaign”, a word I put in quotes advisedly. No serious election campaign can take place today without a major presence on Twitter. The BC Conservative brain trust seemed to have been trying to prove me wrong though. I follow two feeds claimed to be owned by the BC Conservatives and its leader (a veteran politician, no less). I know they’re an upstart party, and they don’t have all the crony corporate cash of the Liberals nor the crony public-sector labor union cash of the NDP, but do they realize Twitter doesn’t actually charge for tweets? Or for the number of followers they have? Or for the number of folks they choose to follow?

Not like my feelings are hurt or anything, but they might also consider following back, which they chose not to do in my case. I’m not a huge political power broker even in my own delusional little mind, but if they’d at least have glanced at my Twitter profile, they might have seen me as a source of some much-needed conservative “social media” and blog-based support. (To say nothing of the fact that the BC Conservative leader was my federal MP for the past 15 or more years, with whom I’ve corresponded and made my like-minded ideology quite clear, during that time.)

So this bi-election wasn’t so much won by the socialist left, as much as the fact that the BC Conservatives as a known quantity was not even found by most voters. That’s going to be a major problem moving forward since, in case you didn’t know it, we conservatives cannot count on the support of the liberal-left media, as the other two parties can and do. For free.

Joel Johannesen
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