Gosh.  After the horrid events of this past weekend you’d think they’re simply being trollish to get cheap attention from the likes of me, but I think they’re just obtuse.  And I even wrote about it at length with graphical examples.

Today at the liberals’ state-owned media’s web site division:

CBC article Monday January 10 2011

That’s their headline.  Today.  After the lesson they taught us over the weekend, in their news article, in which they did as all left-wing media did, and carefully crafted the notion that blame should rest squarely with… Sarah Palin, and, somehow, by extension, the entire “tea party” movement, for the shooting.  It was, we were told, gratuitously, her election campaign talk of “targeting” and and having electoral districts in their “crosshairs”.  Here’s part of what they wrote over the weekend regarding the cause of the Arizona shooting:

Today, in the CBC’s article, a couple of lines down from their fabulous headline, we have this: “Ignatieff will use the winter outing to take direct aim at vulnerable rival MPs.”

Then it’s Liberal talk of “taking the fight to our opponents.”  This is reminiscent of President George W. Bush.  Only Bush was talking about taking the fight to terrorist enemies overseas.  And the liberals hated him for it.  Hated him.  With gusto. Still do. We saw, at that time, lots of protest signs with bullet holes in them and Bush in the crosshairs.  Some had fake blood dripping from them.  It was a “neocon” idiocy, this “taking the fight to our enemy” ploy, they told us.

The CBC’s article, today, ends with more talk that will, if I understand correctly, end in gun play and mass mayhem because it will be misunderstood by some complete whack job.  Scientifically speaking, this has to be true.  Even if it isn’t Sarah Palin doing the talking, and it’s only the stupid CBC.  The Left tells us so!

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