Friday, September 24, 2021
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WE: The liberals’, the Liberals’, and Trudeau’s shame —documented in 4-part podcast

The Podcastosphere — I've listened to four parts of the well-done series titled "The White Saviors," narrated by Olusola Adeogun. There will be one more episode. The series documents the "cult" — yes, cult is the word used by an interviewee who worked for them — that is the liberals' own WE organization. I always thought of this WE group as cult-y, and corrupt, and as phony as a Liberal or NDP campaign promise, and as a leftist brainwashing center of bullshittery, but now, more so. Including, or especially because of, Justin Trudeau's participation in it. And the news media's love of it. And Big Public Education's embrace of it. And all of that combined.
The podcast is well described as "the exclusive story of a charity that did well when it was supposed to be doing good."
Produced by Canadaland, which has been on it for years, and arguably broke the story of WE and Liberal Party corruption in 2020.

Click and learn:

Biden’s poll numbers are too embarrassing for the “news” media — I bring you the numbers because the others won't. The "news" media only bring you the news they want you to know, filtered through their very special way of telling it to you — because as you know, they're not really a "news media" at all. Therefore, Biden being increasingly underwater, as demonstrated by the scientific data that the news media studiously refuses to follow at, is ignored. They are lying through omission.
Click to see chart
Read a well-reasoned explanation of Biden's declining poll numbers by Rich Lowry, at Politico, but not at any of the "news media" outlets that couldn't stop reporting on Trump's declining poll numbers.

We won’t “get thru this together,” any more, boyfriend.

Globe and Mail — The Liberals' Globe and Mail division sounded off today on none other than their hero, liberalism's fancy-socked neo-liberal, The Right Woke Justin Trudeau. Seems the marriage is off.
"...We will never find comfort in the Liberal Leader’s corrupted line that we will “get through this together.” He doesn’t mean it. Only certain people matter to Mr. Trudeau – the ones he uses to prosecute identity politics for the singular purpose of furthering his destiny. ..."
The G&M, in a historic fashion reminiscent of the Maclean's revelation of two years ago, suddenly wakes up to discover that the Emperor wears no clothes; or at least those he does wear are just butt-ugly, overly showy, and of poor — possibly Fabrique en Chine —quality. He is, in fact, Right Woke, as I've been saying. And thus, the G&M finally seems to have woken up. Good morning.

Vacation in Progress – a Quicktake

I regret to inform you that even I have to take time off. Plus, my office is getting re-carpeted, and thus my office furniture and computer (whatever that is) is currently jammed into another...

Vacation in progress

I regret to inform you that even I have to take time off. Plus, my office is getting re-carpeted, and thus my office furniture and computer (whatever that is) is currently jammed into another room, much of it standing on its end, and inaccessible. I could do all my work on a laptop, like I'm doing now, but I'm not an animal. Summer's nearly over, and thus, so will be my vacationing.

Twitter (ugh) tweet of the day, or week, or possibly season: Epic Raise The...

It was only today I finally figured out that the reason I'd seen Canadian flags at half-mast recently, despite being unable to think of any recent death of any national figure (these things typically...

Max Bernier’s People Party polling up — despite the media’s efforts — According to, which lists all the polls taken in much the same way does in America, Mainstreet Research has the People's Party of Maxime Bernier polling quite well, especially considering the fact that the liberals' media division is engaged in a painfully obvious effort to pretend the People's Party (PPC) doesn't even exist, and is hiding them from you in every way they can. The PPC is doing better than the Greens, which the media steadfastly refuses to forget for some weird reason. Not as well as the NDP, which exists only because the media prop them up and keep them alive. Again, for some reason. [caption id="attachment_37264" align="alignnone" width="400"] Click to see[/caption] The Conservatives are doing better than any of them, in spite of the liberals' media division trying to keep them down with all their, you know, "reporting."

Oh my God I’m in love

Twitter (Ugh) — Robert Fife at the Globe and Mail has tweeted a doozy, joined by his associate Mercedes Stephenson. Not only is this a beautiful thing for journalists to reveal — proving their credentials as actual journalists — but it reveals a corrupt and imperial Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party. And I do have other questions... According to these two, Global News and the Globe and Mail said no to the arrogant little prince who has literally no scruples, but what about liberalvision CTV and the state-owned CBC divisions of the Liberal Party? Did their journalists forgo their journalistic obligations in favor of bowing to his highness and enjoying a mutual face-licking?  Apparently. Why not tell us? Or are you now admittedly virtually in bed with the prince, bereft of any scruples, and so arrogant about your bias that you don't even mind us knowing?

Biden underwater — Well that didn't take long. It's not even September yet. On August 13, I spotted Biden's polling going south. Now the lines have crossed and he's officially in negative territory. Did I mention it's not even September — of his first year — yet? Canadian polling for Justin Trudeau and his lying campaign video editors and cabinet ministers is also down. Maybe being aloof, disconnected from reality, and patently dishonest isn't a good strategy. Huh.

Big $$ NDP-supporter dares doubters to prove he’s not independent

I mentioned the other day in a News Roundup item (here) that I found an opinion piece spotting the difference between the way politicians like Justin Trudeau handle the Wuhan Virus crisis — or...

She ain’t heavy. She’s a lightweight. Nonetheless, the Taliban are her “brothers”

🎵 He ain't heavy, he's my brother🎵... It wasn't what the idiot Liberal cabinet minister said that bothered me so much. I mean maybe she was singing that song in her li'l noggin, poor girl....

New York’s New Governor Adds TWELVE THOUSAND To Cuomo’s Fake Wuhan Virus Death Count

It's one thing to be off by one point or two, especially when you've made your government as huge as New York's, as all-encompassing and as controlling and as micro-managing of every aspect of...

When you’ve lost the Star…

Toronto Star — Nothing prepares a fella for a Star article like this:

Justin Trudeau has forsaken sunny ways for petulance and gloom

Check again: Yup it's the Toronto Star — a trusty division of Canada's liberal left.
It begins:
"Whatever happened to Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways? Ten days into a campaign whose timing was of his own choosing, the Liberal leader’s main rivals all look like they are having a better time on the hustings than he is. Polls suggest that indeed they are."
Geez. All they had was "sunny ways."

... And later,

"There is a petulance to the Liberal leader’s tone ..."
Apparently, it takes six years for petulance to sink in for some.

Thanks Again, Government.

Liberalvision — After breathlessly reporting endlessly on the recent rash of Wuhan Virus outbreaks in BC's interior region, the BC "news" media, which are unofficially the NDP government's very effective and supportive cheerleading...

Crenshaw to Taliban vs McConnell to Taliban: Advantage Crenshaw. — Sometimes it's best to just take a walk. Other times, it's best to tell the Taliban to, well, let's let Rep Dan Crenshaw (R) say it: Story's headline: "Dan Crenshaw issues blistering response to Taliban's demand all US troops leave by Aug. 31". Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) said it more, well, Mitch McConnell-y: "The Taliban should not be allowed to tell us how long we are there to get our personnel out. That's our decision, not theirs." Not an F to be found.
Here's one reason for the difference in language: While McConnel has never fought in battle, Dan Crenshaw served as a Navy SEAL for a decade, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander. After being wounded in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2012, he lost his right eye and required surgery to save the vision in his left. He earned two Bronze Star Medals, one with Valor, the Purple Heart, and the Navy Commendation Medal with Valor. Retiring from the military in 2016, Crenshaw earned a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in 2017.
Had McConnell done any of that, or lost any of his body parts fighting in a brutal war, he might well be more inclined to say to the Taliban, "go f*** yourselves."