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The Article

Editors’ note: the following column contains vulgar language from a liberal academic that many readers will find offensive.

Dear Dr. Pino:

I would like, if at all possible, for you to inform me of the exact location from which you sent the following email message, dated Tuesday, April 6 2010, at 4:24 p.m that started: “… I f*** your mother…” The disgusting profanity-laced message just gets worse from there.

I am curious because I have been forwarded several such messages from bloggers around the country who (claimed to have) tried to engage you in reasoned dialogue. In each instance, you apparently responded by claiming to have performed sexual acts upon their mothers. Furthermore, you apparently did so by using your Kent State email address, which ends in the suffix “kent.edu.” I would like to know whether you are also sending these messages from your office at Kent State University.


Mike S. Adams

Dr. Pino:

I am disappointed by your continued cowardly refusal to answer either your phone or my simple questions. Ten days ago, you sent me a video, which you claimed showed U.S. troops targeting innocent women and children – in other words, intentionally killing civilians. Your sudden interest in the lives of innocent children perplexes me for two reasons:

First, you wrote an article (for the Kent State University newspaper) encouraging children to become suicide bombers for the express purpose of killing Jewish women and children who, of course, are not members of the military. In other words, you believed then that it was permissible to target civilians. Now, you seem to hold a different view.

Second, the prophet Mohammad was married to a six year old and consummated the marriage when she was nine. In other words, Mohammad was a pedophile and child rapist by today’s standards. It’s tough for me to accept your newfound concern for innocent children when you profess allegiance to a pedophile. Am I correct in asserting that Mohammad was a pedophile? I pointed out his pedophilia in a previous email to you. You did not counter my assertion with facts rebutting Mohammed’s status as a sexual deviant. Instead, you asserted that you, too, were a sexual deviant by claiming to engage in the act of sodomy with a member of my family who happens to be a senior citizen.

Can I expect a more measured and relevant response to this email, professor?

Mike S. Adams


I just received an invitation to attend a lecture by Dr. Sahar Amer, Professor of Asian Studies and Adjunct Professor of French and of International Studies at UNC Chapel Hill. Dr. Amer’s talk will be on “Arab Homosexuality/Lesbianism and the Politics of Naming.” The lecture was described as follows in an email I received last week:

“This lecture will address the very rich indigenous literary and cultural tradition of alternative sexualities that has been prevalent in the Islamic world at least since the 9th century. Beginning with a review of the new terminology that Arab LGBT groups are coining and advocating in an effort to empower contemporary Arab gays and lesbians, a terminology modeled on Western LGBT vocabulary, Professor Amer will ask whether this new lexicon is truly more liberating to the culturally-specific context of gay and lesbian Arabs. To what extent might the adoption of this contemporary vocabulary represent an unsuspected site of oppression that ultimately erases very rich indigenous Islamic traditions in place since the Middle Ages?”

The lecture will take place in Randall Library at UNC-Wilmington. Would you be interested in attending the lecture with me, Julio? If so, would you be willing to provide some perspective on the role of pedophilia in the lives of Islamic prophets? And could you discuss how Islamic terrorist professors claim to sodomize the mothers of political opponents? Could you tell us whether such claims promote rational discourse? Or whether they are just part of some rich tradition of alternative sexualities prevalent in the Islamic world?


Dear Dr. (Kenneth J.) Bindas:

I found your email address on the Kent State University History Department webpage (http://www.kent.edu/cas/history/). I wanted to share with you the sexually explicit and profanity-laden text from an email I recently received from one of your faculty members named Julio Pino.

This email was sent from Dr. Pino’s Kent State University email account. I have a question for you, which follows in multiple-choice format. It is intended to get a feel for how you would best describe the message sent to me by Dr. Pino. Here goes:

Dr. Pino’s message, sent from his “Kent.edu” email account is an example of:

a. Mental instability
b. Hate speech
c. Academic freedom
d. All of the above
e. None of the above.

Please choose the best answer. I’ll be back in touch soon. Peace and love,

Mike Adams

To be continued.

Mike S. Adams
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