Canada Debt-o-Meter

Get the widget right here! Put it on your blog or website. If your blog or web site accepts the “iframe” tag (most do), simply copy the code below and paste it where you’d like the Canada Debt-o-Meter to appear on your site or blog.

Copy this source code into the desired location of your website. If you’re using it in a WordPress widget, use the “Custom HTML” or some such widget and simply place the code below into it. Or just plunk the code in and see if it works without a widget. You can certainly place it in a page simply by copying and pasting this code, as we did below in this very page.

<strong><iframe src="" width="250" height="150" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe></strong>

It should look like this:

Inspired and based on our sister site’s legendary CBC Waste-o-Meter, the Canada Debt-o-Meter uses an algorithm that calculates the ongoing debt accumulation, in this case using data gleaned from, which is another great taxpayer tool produced by the good Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation. It is not perfect. Do not stake your life on it. Do not run for office using this as your big “And the debt is exactly $_____” speech.