YouTube non-fan comments: “Are you proud to be Canadian, or a Canadian wishing to be a Yank?”

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Just when I thought folks had stopped poking me with their pointy sticks about my politics and the name of my site called “ProudToBeCanadian”…

I guess he’d seen where I criticized Canada, or something, in one video or another. Possibly the one where I show how Bill O’Reilly niggled the stupid state-owned CBC Politics show for billing itself as the one politics show on television wherein “the spin stops here.”  That was amusing but possibly annoying to liberals on at least two levels:  (1)  that very commercial “no spin zone” bit of salesmanship has been Bill O’Reilly’s commercial “trademark” line from the beginning of time; and I pointed that out;  and (2) the state-owned and supposedly non-commercial, socialism-reliant CBC is the very epitome of an anti-conservative, pro-left-wing/progressive spin zone which spins faster than another state-sponsored ballerina or CBC reporter/political opinion columnist; and I’m clearly against that concept.  But somehow, I would, you see, therefore, rather be “a Yank”, possibly, if I understand him correctly.  If I don’t like their vision, as stated more plainly in other iterations of this “proud to be Canadian” complaint, then I should move out — help them to cleanse the nation of the likes of me, and be “a Yank” instead.  Usually a Texan.  Don’t worry: this makes sense to a liberal, so it must be you who doesn’t understand.

Possibly it’s because in my YouTube channel I feature a lot of clips from Fox News Channel instead of, say, clips from the state-owned CBC (and as a result, Fox News Channel has enjoyed the free advertising resulting from the millions of views my videos have enjoyed).  Possibly he doesn’t know that the lawyers from the state-owned media once sent state-owned postal express dispatchers to me and my wife’s home with legal documents threatening to sue me to kingdom come (“kingdom come” are not the legal terms they used, they’re my words, but the state media’s lawyers surely agree that if I didn’t relent, they would ruin me and my wife’s lives, financially, forever more) for using tiny seconds-long clips from the state-owned CBC in my YouTube videos critical of… the state-owned CBC, years ago.  They made me agreed not to use them any more.

That sure made me proud.

Possibly he’s another knee-jerk liberal ass who doesn’t get that the name of the web site isn’t a statement in and of itself, but rather a question which raises other questions about the extent to which one might be “proud to be Canadian.”  He doesn’t see (or want to admit) that it’s not conservatives, like me, who want to fundamentally transform Canada (the Canada they nonetheless claim to “love” and which they are irreducibly “proud of”) from its foundational Judeo-Christian roots in which a deeply ingrained personal and family responsibility-driven spirit (rather than a government-driven one) prevailed and then built our nation.  Or transform from one where our rights were derived from God, not government, and in which we believed in the supremacy of God rather then the supremacy of government (pace our current constitution in which it states that we do in fact believe in the supremacy of God).  Or from a country where private ownership and where an entrepreneurial, free-market, capitalism-based economy was the vision.  Or from one in which government was to be somewhat limited in size and scope to that of maintaining mere “peace” and “order”, rather than grown and nurtured until it’s all encompassing and totalitarian and into something much more, shall we say, Russian.  It’s liberals and socialists — progressives writ large — who want to do that to the country they nonetheless “love” and are so damn “proud of.” 

He should remember that it was a conservative who started a web site called “ProudToBeCanadian” and registered that domain name with the internet registry, and then spent years working on it at his own personal expense for years on end — not liberals, who didn’t even bother, but who rather spent all that time bashing the very concept —incongruous to them — that one could be at once a conservative, economically, socially, politically, and be “proud to be Canadian”.  The fact is that it —the site and its name — are so pernicious to them because it’s all incongruous to them.  They say they love something and are proud of something that they want to fundamentally transform.  And they don’t tolerate the concept, or even the minority truly conservative faction of Canadians themselves— which calls itself really Canadian and happy with the foundational tenets of the country.  This liberal stance is itself an anti-Canadian tenet, even to a liberal.  But it’s not limited to this.  The conflicts inherent in their “principles” abound.

And possibly he is like a racist.  I say “like” a racist because of course Americans are our sisters and brothers and cousins and not of a different race.  But let’s say they were of a different race.  To speak of Americans the way most liberals and progressives do, would clearly make them abject racists.  So they’re pretty lucky that way.  As it is, all we can safely call them is ugly xenophobes, to the extent of being horribly (and usually openly) anti-American, selectively.  Not anti-East Indian or Somalian or Indonesian —just anti-American.  No let’s just go ahead and call them racists and intolerants, because they actually are.

And we are to take all that as being a “good” Canadian, apparently.  Another source of “pride,” as triangulated by or professed by another genius anti-conservative — a liberal or socialist — another progressive

But in fact if you visit more than once, you’re bound to see the sub-head in the lower-right of the PTBC banner which auto-rotates between “It’s a Question”  and “Your Right”, and has done so exactly like that for years.  For those liberals who don’t understand, that means “Are you proud to be Canadian? Then prove it.  And if you aren’t, it’s certainly your right to be, damn it.  So tell us all what it would take.  Etcetera.”  But to them it just means I’ve stolen their line and as a conservative, I’m obviously misusing it. 

And as always, I’ll have none of it.  But to answer the question, and for the record (write this down, liberals!), I’m proud as I can be, to be Canadian, and so I seek to conserve it rather than fundamentally transform it.  I’d be as proud to be “a Yank.”  I’m not so sure progressives who want to fundamentally transform their country could say the same of their Canadian or American citizenship.

Joel Johannesen
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