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Great Canadian and PTBC contributor who you all know as “Marc” constantly walks the walk, and argues publicly with liberals —a lesson all Canadians need to learn. 

And it’s what makes right-thinking conservative people like Marc so pernicious to the liberal-left.  People like Marc fail to accept that everything liberals say is a universal truth, and instead they just keep on making sense publicly!  As we know, liberals speak as though everybody in the room will automatically agree with them, as per the liberal media, the state-run CBC and liberal-left academia training manual. 

Here’s Marc’s latest in his many letters to the editor that have been published—this one at the London Free Press.

Pride participant displays hypocrisy

Regarding the letter, Anti-gay photo odious (July 12).

It’s remarkable how Kaitlan Adams is disgusted with The London Free Press for printing a photo of pride parade protestors, labels protestors as homophobic and then shamelessly states “we all have a right to express our individuality.”

I suppose to someone who thinks “homophobia” is any opinion, thought or expression that isn’t absolute approval for homosexuality, total hypocrisy is OK.

The whole “freedom for me, but not for thee” demonstrates you don’t really want equality. You want dominion over everyone’s fundamental beliefs and exclusive rights to express your true duality.

When the Defend Marriage rally was held in London last year, there was one photo of the participants and two of the gay protestors, so Adams is incorrect in stating The Free Press is homophobic. It isn’t homophobic (which really means fear of sameness) because it maintained the exact same bias and catagelo-phobia (fear of being ridiculed) by homosexual activists as last year.

I’d also like the pride participants to know that a true follower of Christ would never carry a placard that states “Homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.” I’m sorry you had to see people confuse what they “can” do with what they “should” do.

Marc Mielhausen


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