Where are we?

I'm behaving like I'm still in grade school when we were allowed to take the whole summer off and just play.

Is summer over? Do we have to start talking politics again? Hell no!

The dearth of articles at PTBC lately is only half because it’s summer and the fact that I’ve never really gotten past my school days when taking the whole summer off was just what we all did. And I’m definitely not a schoolboy anymore, so I guess I’m just a man-child.  And part of that growing up thing is the inability to eat and drink like we used to without it going straight to fat. Are you like me — have you gained a few pounds due to summer excesses? My exercise routine is the same but it apparently hasn’t made room for all that extra cocktailing and patio-eating. So my excesses have been excessively excessive.

Which is what summer is for.

Me and my wife are also doing that usual summer thing and traveling around and here’s our next trip, starting later this week and lasting for the rest of September:

Click to see a larger mapVancouver to London to Marrakech to Lisbon, back to London, and then home again.

I found it amazingly complicated to plan this trip, and my wife did half of it. I won’t bore you with details, but you don’t just pack a bag and Uber off to the airport. It takes a lot of time and trouble and attention to detail. And to top it all off, we’d bought new furniture a few months back which was supposed to be built by and delivered in October — which would have been perfect timing. But no, suddenly it’s ready ahead of schedule and will be delivered the day before we leave.

The main focus of the trip is Morocco, where we’ll spend two weeks hitting most parts of the country on a guided tour. The Sahara will be super warm due to the man-made climate change emergency crisis. I kid — legend has it that it was always hot in the Sahara! But here’s a cool bit of knowledge: Much of the Sahara Dessert used to be… under the ocean. When sea levels were higher. Like 50-100 million years ago. Again, when sea levels were higher. When there was no Liberal/NDP carbon tax to stop the rising of the seas. Now, of course, the sea levels won’t rise again (in Canada, anyway) because… carbon tax! And government junkets to exotic locations! And word salads! Yay! Vote Liberal!

But back to summer: They don’t drink much in Morocco (their government doesn’t tell the Moroccans that they’re racists and genociders and have “unacceptable thoughts” or instruct them to hate and be ashamed of their country and its past — oh look I did politics again!), so if I gain weight it will be because of the food. And I really don’t know what I’ll find there food-wise. I’ve taken my anti-diarrhea vaccine (along with other vaccines — but no so-called “Covid” “vaccine” “booster,” no) if that tells you anything about what I expect while there. So eating is not a risk except for the ever-possible barf factor — like if they serve me camel meat after riding a camel. There is no vaccine for barfing.

Anyway, we’ll hit Marrakech first, then go to Casablanca and Fes and many other lesser-known spots including the Atlas Mountains; and the Sahara provided it isn’t under the ocean again by then on account of there being no carbon tax in Morocco.

We’ll hit Portugal for a week on the way home. I suppose we’ll rent a car there and try to get to all the coastal and interior spots that are far from Lisbon, and we’ll walk and take whatever transit we need to to see Lisbon itself.

London is just an overnight layover on the way there and back. We know London, so we’ll know just what to do on those layovers. And yes, it will involve gin and tonics.

Then it’s back to the grind again. I have an inkling I’m going to change up this site at that point, and I’ll think about it more during this next trip. I doubt I’ll be changing the name to ProudToBeMoroccan, but you never know. If a bunch of lefty idjuts are wearing masks in Canada by then, as I suspect they will be, I may just stay there.

I’ll post photos to, um, X. Follow me.

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