UPDATED: What should I write about at PTBC?

I’m between being overwhelmed by all the ongoing nonsense, and feeling that I’m just adding to the excessive noise if I chime in.

Meantime, I’m watching SpaceX live coverage of the attempt, today hopefully, at a test firing of the Raptor-2 rocket engines — 33 of ’em at once! — on the Starship booster (“Booster 7”), which is a precursor to the Starship (“Starship 24“) launch possibly in a few weeks.

I notice there is literally no “news” media coverage of this monumental event. Maybe it’s because various shots of the launch site reveal what the”news” media might confuse as a “Jesus cross” (see photo above) —and they are obviously against that! And when they do talk about it, they’ll uniquely remove the “Musk’s” when describing SpaceX, unlike when they’re talking about the Twitter outage last night which is ubiquitously described throughout the “news” media in various forms of “Musk’s Twitter outage.”

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