What in tarnation (or Southpark)?

I’m on vacay, as I explained here, but I had to post this because, well, because what in tarnation?

The graphic tweeted out by UBC (apparently now to be known as Woke University) is like something drawn by the creators of Southpark.

What’s with that first character? A bearded fella wearing a girl’s shirt and sweater and a skirt (or are they “culottes”)?  Oh, golly gee whiz, UBC, I’m a dumb country cluck but I guess he’s one o’ them trans!  That second, um, character appears to be wearing a sweater that mimics the bovine motif. Who doesn’t want to dress to resemble a cow? I love how they made the third character a real intersectional — an obvious non-whitey… with one leg and what appears to be a peg leg! Who has a wooden peg leg outside of that old sailor Seamus Levine on Family Guy? And she (if I may be so bold as to assume she’s a she) also has a ginormous right arm and ginormous hand that extends down to her right knee, somehow.

Hilarious. Or is it hideous? The answer is yes.

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