“We believe in PEI,” the finance minister said. Like it’s a choice.

What a bonkers video.

The Pierre Poilievre team put it out this morning — yes it’s highly edited but these are her own words. No deep fake “AI” is involved in this though you’d think there was!

Poilievre’s “hot take” tweeted out was “Freeland’s message to Prince Edward Islanders worried about 61c/litre carbon tax: move to Toronto and get a bike!!!” But there’s so much here.

As I said in a different article, watch through to the end. If you can manage to divert your attention from her amazing, nauseating, repeated, and obviously well-practiced fake concern look, you can sense what she might be thinking because she basically spells it right out. You non-Toronto-resident plebians and country-folx should move to the big grand city and be more like us, the class of people who know how life is done right!

How utterly Toronto-centric this Liberal elitist ass personage is.

“I have no car” — but how un-self-aware she is, given that she knows, we all know, she has her executive chauffeur-driven cars and taxis for free, and private government jets provided to her at taxpayers’ expense.

“We believe in PEI.”

WHAT? You very much “believe” in PEI? Didja think PEI might be an illusion? A made-up place that some elders speak about? A legend? A religious icon of some sort? Ya gotta have faith, my brothas and sistas! Exactly what choice do you think you have as Minister of Finance for Canada, ya dingbat?!

“And we believe in the PEI economy.”

And you “believe in” their economy? What the actual frick are you talking about, lady? She also “bieves in” the PEI tourist industry. Well slow clap. Slow, clap.

I’m sure you can find more gold in them thar hills than I’ve found. But otherwise, I also noted this tweet this morning from Lib HQ: Pretty hideous in many ways.

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