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Author’s Note: Not all offensive and obscene speech is deleted below. Read ahead at your own risk.

I used to think Georgia Tech was one of the best schools in America. That was before Wayne Clough became the Tech president. Since then, the school has tried to lick that pesky image as simply being one of the best engineering schools in the world. Apparently, during Clough’s tenure they’ve sought to become an actual university like the University of Georgia – my favorite school in America.

Unfortunately, many believe they’ve wound up somewhere in between. They’re no longer as well respected as an engineering school but they aren’t on the par of Georgia when it comes to the arts, literature, and the social sciences. And they have a little diversity problem on their hands, too.

Since they decided to (at least try to) become a “university” not just an “institute of technology,” Tech has been spending a lot of time on tolerance and diversity issues. With speech codes – and, now, even talk of a Queer Resource Center – they have managed to attract a lot of Atlanta’s leftist activists as students.

But, recently, these leftists have gone a little too far. After implementing an unconstitutional speech code, they were sued by two conservative plaintiffs. Georgia Tech lost the suit, which was argued in federal court by David French of the Alliance Defense Fund. Since that speech code was removed, the public has been getting a good look at the fanaticism of these Georgia Tech leftists. They’ve become their own worst enemies and they aren’t even aware of it.

As you read the following internet comments – in response to the Georgia Tech loss in the speech code lawsuit – remember that they are coming exclusively from Georgia Tech students and alumni. If you aren’t already worried about the state of higher education in America, you should be:

“I just can’t get over how f***ing ridiculous this is.”

“Is it really that hard for Ms. Malhotra to express her opinions about religion or whatever, so that the message is positive and is not meant to hurt fellow students?! I know Christians who believe that gay sex is sinful, but they don’t have to criticise [sic] gay students on campus just to express their faith; why is it so hard for Ruth to accomplish this? All the institute is asking from the student body is that we use our right to freedom of speech RESPONSIBLY, and not in such a way that it intimidates other students to the point at which they cannot accomplish their educational goals. In my opinion, Ruth Malhotra is NOT fighting on the side of free speech, she is fighting for the right to verbally assault people should she wish to!”

“Interestingly enough, I don’t agree with christians, think it’s wrong to be one and hate most people who believe in god. Iunno, maybe I should be allowed to say that to her face and scream it down her throat everytime I see her, and make her feel like s**t. Iunno, being allowed to degrade a christian would be awesome, so maybe she whould [sic] win this so I can write “go home you jesus lovin b**ch, satan hates you” all over her…well, her. Makes about as much sense! I don’t think “christ” preached the word of tolerance to just christians…if we’re talkin about the same fake guy, I may be mistaking him for the Santa Claus. Go home Ruth Malhotra, we don’t wanna see your ugly ass face again. GT for life.”

“Ruth is not very attractive, but I tend not to hold it against her. She’s got plenty of other issues to deal with. Hanging out with Dominionists is probably one of them.”

“I really, really hope she loses. Is her argument strong enough to win, based on the first ammendment [sic], or will people look at her like she’s retarded?”

“can you belive [sic] this s**t, they freaking won the lawsuit, but then againi [sic] can now let the hate in my heart out, all the more reason to focus it on them”

“The ADF is paying for and representing the plaintiffs (Ruth & Orit) and as a public school, Georgia Tech’s fees are being paid by and any damges [sic] will be paid by, you guessed it, taxpayers—AKA many of our parents and even some of us students. So next time you see more of your check going to GT, you can thank Ruth and Orit for squandering our money.”

“The ADF has a long history of fighting against gay rights, so we should not be surprised by their underlying agenda. They do not want free speech. They want to shape the country according to their own exteme [sic] beleifs [sic] which they want to impose on the rest of us.”

“David French sucks. David French sucks. David French sucks. That sounds so sweet to say. We should really start a campaign to put this guy in his place.”

“David French and his sidekicks can kiss my gay ass. that’ll show them.”

“David French sucks! I like it. How about starting a new group called just that. Its [sic] beyond me how a few Christian lawyers think they can come in and take over our school policies with a couple of troubled students on their side.”

“Well, it appears that the judge has ordered for the striking of the residence hall conduct language that mentions ‘harrass [sic], malign or intimidate.’ Now, if only I could find a group of militant atheists to tell the fundamentalists how their kind of been the cause of more suffering, death, destruction and plain old unhapiness [sic] than any other group in history …. Just for the taste of irony, of course.

“Fundamentalism is the curse to the modern civilization and probable cause of its failure.”

“While it’s extremely disappointing, it’s only the Dept. of Housing’s speech code. Of course, if any of y’all get drunk or particularly angry, this now gives you the right to call any of the lawsuit’s plaintiffs or supporters ANYTHING you want pertaining to race, sexual-orientation, (hideous aesthetic appeal of their viasges [sic], perhaps?), etc.”

“Very disappointing indeed. I agree that fundamentalism is the curse to the modern civilization and probable cause of its failure.”

Next week, the individuals responsible for writing these comments will hold a rally at Georgia Tech. One half of them will walk across campus chanting and holding signs saying “David French Sucks.” The other half will walk around chanting and holding signs saying “Support Tolerance and Diversity or Don’t Show Your Fat Ugly-Assed Face at Georgia Tech.” Sadly, this paragraph is the only satirical portion of the present column. Georgia Tech has now become a parody of itself.


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