Vacay, in case you didn’t notice

When I write new articles, this site’s daily visitor numbers spike. Duh, you say. But it’s weird how sometimes, this site’s daily visitor numbers are huge when I’m on vacation. Not so “duh,” right? Are y’all trying to tell me something?

If you’re trying to tell me to take more vacation time, I’m happy to oblige. Because I love me my summer vacation time.

I usually write a note advising that I’m taking time off, but I didn’t this time. I didn’t really plan it. But I’m off now, as is pretty obvious by the dearth of new material. I’m back at it next week (Aug 15), for a week. Then I’m off again. Then it’s sometime in September and I’m back at it like normal. Like you, perhaps.

Now here’s another funny thing: When I take time off, I get the odd email from people asking why I’m taking time off, as if I have to explain myself. And they explain to me that there is no new material here to read, and then often also ask/tell me so why even bother with yer website (which they hitherto enjoyed, quite clearly), and etc. And these emails are always, always (I know because I check), from people who have never sent me any money to support the site. That’s not “funny” as much as “annoying as heck,” or at best “amazingly brash,” I guess, but you know what I mean. This annoyance is a relatively new phenomenon in the now two-decades-long life of PTBC, because, in most of those many days gone by, I had a dozen or more writers whom I could rely on to provide fresh daily articles for that antsy and sometimes utterly unsupportive readership; but now, it’s just little old me and so it’s obviously more noticeable when there is nothing new here.

I don’t like it either. But I’ll commiserate about it over a Mai Tai.

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