Recruitment is up. In the deadliest week of our Afghan mission, recruitment is up.

In the week that saw the thwarting of what reportedly would have been the deadliest
Week since 9/11 in the Western Front on Terror, our Canadian Forces report that whereas they average 25,000 recruits in a whole year, they secured 17,000 in the past six months alone.

In this blood-soaked week from international on down to our city streets, in which a half-dozen Indo-Canadian domestic thug-terrorists savagely swarmed a Vancouver man, fracturing his skull – all because he told the street-racing, foul-yellin’ swine to cool it – our boys and girls, with focus and without bravado, are signing up for an education, for job training opportunities, for adventure and challenge, in our military, the navy, in the air force.

In this week of eroding support for our Afghan mission, with a simple majority of poll respondents wanting the troops “brought home as soon as possible,” our boys and girls, with what Major Andy Coxhead, a spokesman for the Canadian Forces’ recruiting group, reportedly referred to as a “steady feeling of patriotism,” heed instead the call of our National Defence in that Department’s marvellous online blurb: “Consider the unique Profession of Arms. Challenging and richly rewarding.”

As yet another Canadian soldier’s body started the final journey home from Kandahar, a soldier’s daughter this week bid farewell to her hero-dad, saying, “They tell me he is dead but I still sense his magic.”

What I tell you now is that there is more magic and manhood in these boys, in these girls, than in all the rest of the breathing earth.

In spite of growing skepticism, a recent Innovative Research Group poll found that two-thirds of Canadians agree that for the country to play a significant role in world affairs, it needs an effective military.

Yet the media continue to discuss and disparage defence spending in terms of the American model, whipping out, of course, ubiquitous uber-bogeyman “Bush, Bush, Bush,” as if Canadian defence could not possibly have a purpose with needs entirely unique to it.

The fact is such peacenik-unthinkingness seriously undermines the celebrated historic achievement of our forces. From Flanders Fields to Kandahar.

“Row on row” of our boys, our girls, line up at recruitment offices, determined to redress such an unspeakable imbalance of such a predatory journalism. And I do mean predatory journalism, feeding off every death of our soldiers in Afghanistan to bait Canadians into abandonment of duty, venture and high calling.

Our youth are the antidote. They want to “keep faith” with those who made it possible for those who so wantonly “break faith” with the very people who made it possible for us all to have freedom of faith of any kind whatsoever.

For some time now, our Auditor General has sounded the alarm on recruitment and service issues. In response, just last month, our CBC, our “Communist Broadcast of Canada,” all but relished a report of frustrated recruits quitting and enrollment targets plummeting.

Our boys, our girls, have now responded to treasonous responses. Hell no, they won’t fail to show! Hell yes, they rise to the test!

When it comes to terrorists, it is our own media, as if moonlighting for Hezbollah PR units, speculate – indeed celebrate cold-blooded murder as a recruitment tool. They can’t wait to tell us again and again that every civilian killing in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, serves to recruit more and more terrorists.

Of course, that would not be the case if people knew that civilian killings were accidental, that Israel, America, our soldiers, target terror not civilians, whereas terrorists explicitly espouse the exact reverse.

But who is going to tell this tragic truth in telling detail time and again?

Our boys, our girls will. “Row on row” of our youth shows us that the real recruitment kit of the day is the belief in a demonstrably greater good. They want to be a part of that action. They want to build schools and protect women from genital mutilation, which perverse Moslemist barbarity is perpetrated under the cultural label of “female circumcision.”

Even in the face of death, our youth question the cultural relativism that equates all sides in all wars in all circumstances.

The best of our best understand that there is truth and that there is terror.

And they know there is a price to pay. Still, our boys, our girls, do not want to “stay the course.” They want to advance the cause of global humanity, liberty and dignity.

We thank them. God Bless ’em.