Today in Funny Headlines: Trudeau Had Fiscal Credibility!

Today in the news:

NOW it’s shot?

It’s funny because even one iota of “fiscal credibility” was actually shot with a semi-automatic “assault weapon” “of war” “designed to kill maximum credibility” when he started talking election politics in 2014 in the form of an outright lie.

Here, the implication is that he ever had “fiscal credibility.” The fact is, the history is, the science tells us, the data proves, the evidence shows, a proper financial analysis would convey, that after lying like a slimy snake to you and your family and all your fellow countrymen to win the 2015 election —an election in which he promised on a stack of Naomi Klein books that his budgets would be BALANCED by 2019, and in the meantime, don’t worry Canada, his deficits would not exceed $10 BILLION (hideous even if it wasn’t a lie), he proceeded to spend the crap out of our country, breaking every promise by a country mile (or 1.60934 kilometers), and even lying right to your face about why, in both official languages and Hindi to boot.

And this happened during good economic times. We know (but apparently Trudeau and the Liberals do not) what happens when roaring economic times end, which they always do. A relatively good economy ended with a thud largely thanks to Trudeau/Liberal government ineptitude and cries of “RASCISM!” at the notion of closing our borders with China and other countries in the face of the China Virus pandemic.

Their failure to act like credible adults have led us to a horrible economy, a worse outlook, historic, unprecedented, unending, out-of-control deficits now being forecast, and the national debt being forecast to reach a historic, unprecedented $1.2 TRILLION. And the Trudeau Liberals are now set to promise — promise is their word! — even more spending, to make it even worse. To “spend our way out of it.” Like we didn’t learn from any of our past mistakes, or those of bankrupt countries or companies, at all, ever. That’s not credible, that’s incredible.

Credit for this — the financial mess that we’re in, the bigger ones that we are about to encounter, and all the lies that got us here — all rest entirely with Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party, starting in 2015 and even before. And I reserve a special place of blame for Canada’s news media, which has and continues to lick Trudeau/Liberal face all day long, thus enabling him, aiding and abetting him, and contributing to the mess we’re in and the worse one we are about to be in.

The very idea that he had ANY credibility — is simply silly. Outlandish. And actually not funny at all.

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