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Today in Canadian Moronics – Oct 1 2013

Some annoying-as-hell busy-body feminist leftybots who are demonstrably moronic want to change our national anthem. Because it refers to “all thy sons command.”

I have one word for them: shutup.

One more: idiots.

Here’s a link to the story, but I suggest you avoid it because there’s a picture of the insufferable ass, Margaret Atwood on it. And she’s (sorry, it’s) bloviating and pointing and wagging her (sorry it’s) finger at another idiotic thing, again.

Also, do they have an email newsletter? I would them to let me know when they’ve changed God Save The Queen, to, well, “Unremarkable Deity of Ambiguous Sexuality Save The Current Sexually Ambiguous Monarch.”

I imagine all those idiots would love this tweet by their brethren (oops!) in the Obamacult party.


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