“This is not only outrageous, it is dangerously duplicitous”

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Liberal Party leadership contender and Member of Parliament Scott (“Fancy Pants from Kings-Hants”) Brison said that in a “news story” in the “news”.  Because Liberals have a right to call anything “outrageous”, or “dangerously duplicitous”.  Apparently.  In the news.  It’s news!  And this is a news story.  It’s a news story about what Fancy Pants from Kings-Hants (and other overt leftists) have to say about the Conservative plans for fixing the Liberals’ costly mess on the environment file.  News is when liberals have nasty things to say about anything conservative.  That’s news. Got it?

Liberals demand environment minister recall Kyoto delegation and resign

OTTAWA (CP) – The federal Liberals are demanding Environment Minister Rona Ambrose recall Canada’s delegation from Bonn after they said she deliberately tried to “undermine” the Kyoto protocol.

And Opposition environment critic Scott Brison says Ambrose herself should resign as chair at the Conference of the Parties because of what he calls “her covert attempts to sabotage the development of a binding international consensus on global warming.”

“This is not only outrageous, it is dangerously duplicitous,” Brison said in a statement Saturday.

Insert laughter/throw-up here.


Then they allowed a smart sober sensible person to speak for a second….

“This isn’t about abandoning Kyoto, this is about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and doing what the Liberals failed to do,” said [Foreign Affairs Minister Peter] MacKay.

“Putting words and signatures on a piece of paper mean nothing if you’re not going about doing the actual work to reduce greenhouse gas. Rona Ambrose and her department are doing just that.”

MacKay said that the United States has had success in reducing greenhouse gases without signing onto Kyoto.

“It proves that there’s no magic solution (through) just having your name on the Kyoto accord,” said MacKay.

… only to then interview two far leftists with an environmental industry religion agenda to counter what the smart sober sensible person said, because conservatives must not have the last word, but they were apparently unable to find one single person to agree with the smart sober sensible person. 

…and then Fancy Pants from Kings-Hants once again outed his inner anti-American and rabid, pathological anti-Bush rhetoric, which of course closed the article. 

“From gutting federal climate change programs, to repeating defeatist and absurd rhetoric fashioned by American pollsters, to misrepresenting the protocol itself, this government is applying Bush’s well-worn anti-Kyoto tactics,” said Brison.

“And now, by extending these tactics in an effort to derail the process from within, Ms. Ambrose even appears to be pushing the U.S. agenda at Bonn.”

And that’s not only outrageous, it is dangerously duplicitous.  And it’s news.

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