They want to cancel you. Cancel them first.

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I won’t buy Nike shoes, because let’s face it, there are about 38 other brands I can buy, most of which are as good or better, probably cost less, and which don’t shove some form of left-wing politics into just about everything they do; and which have not been credibly accused of using Communist Chinese government’s Uyghur slave labor to make them. And mostly for that latter reason, I won’t have them in my house. I won’t support them with my money. Nobody should. Nobody.

Nike is a particularly galling example of political and corporate perfidy, but there are tons. Too many. Not all are as easy to avoid as Nike, but some are even easier and better for you.

I’ve long been on a “don’t buy from Communist China” kick, which is self-explanatory — or you’d think it would be, anyway. As I sometimes have to explain, it’s not just for the China Communist Virus that has ruined economies, ruined lives, and killed thousands, but it’s for the Chinese Communist’s human rights atrocities, their political murders, kidnappings, and jailings, their anti-democracy offences, their use of slave labor, their treatment of the Uyghur people which rises to that of war crimes, their spying, their designs on global control, and more, including, in a word, their communism.

So far, I haven’t found a good replacement for, even after their ever-so woke “BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!” front page yelled at me one day (are they still doing that, or have they moved on to “KAMALA HARRIS FOR VP!!!!!” message banners yet?). And despite Jeff Bezos, who runs it and also owns the hard-left anti-Trump and anti-conservative Washington Post, I have kept my Amazon account, but have at least cancelled my Prime subscription. What I have also done is to buy items directly from stores and manufacturers as much as I can, and thus Amazon has seen a tiny drop in revenue thanks to me. OK, an infinitesimal drop relatively speaking. But every dollar matters dontchyaknow.

My wife and I cancelled our “Popular Sports” theme pack from amongst our way-too-many theme pack choices on our way, way, way-too-expensive cable TV account at Telus Optik. It’s not just that there are hardly any sports being played (and none with an actual audience), thanks to the aforementioned China Commie Virus. It’s also because we watched NFL games, golf, and some other sports as an escape — for pure entertainment — because that’s all sports is supposed to be. But it’s not entertainment any more. Now it starts with politics, and then there’s politics displayed throughout, with left-wing virtue-signaling literally worn on jerseys and displayed in huge letters on scoreboards and on courts, and players wearing masks and badges and labels that show support for what are literally Marxism-supporting organizations like Black Lives Matter.

I turned to sports to avoid this and all politics. To avoid the latest smug, obsessively anti-Trump or Trudeau face-licking “news.” To avoid coverage (or the obvious lack, thereof) of the latest left-wing riots. To avoid the racial jibber jabber. Now I can’t. So I don’t. It’s money in the bank. Literally.

We cancelled our multitudinous sports channels after we cancelled the theme pack which contained the A&E Channel, after A&E, in truly idiotic, knee-jerk, reflexively woke-herd-following fashion, cancelled its most popular show, Live PD, for completely stupid, left-wing-induced virtue-signaling reasons of utter ridiculousness. We used to watch Live PD every Friday and Saturday nights. And that’s about all we watched on A&E. So no use for them any more either. (Apparently their viewership has dropped by 50% since they cancelled Live PD. We’re in good company here.)

Our cable bill is a lot smaller now. It’s still way too high, so there’s more pruning that can be done. We might even cancel the whole damn thing, because most of what’s on is mostly or at least partially about driving a left-wing agenda — the only variance being the degree to which it is driving a left-wing agenda or how subtly they are hiding it; but what’s on TV ranges from either pretty liberal, all the way to downright socialist or full-on Marxist, on 95% of the channels. If you’re liberal and you’re honest, you’ll admit it. It’s really just a question of whether you support this kind of totalitarian, one-party agenda and blinkered way of thinking, politically, culturally, socially.

We do watch Netflix more often now, even though I feel like it’s run by hard liberal Democratic Party partisans, who, I feel, hate almost most everything I stand for as a conservative. I can’t turn to Google Prime (same reason), and nothing else even compares, for non-cable TV or network viewing. So we have kept our Netflix subscription for now. But they are on ice so thin you can see through it.

We’d be the better intellectually, in terms of our stress levels, and in terms of our general mental and even physical health for canceling nearly all TV. Watching TV has become a morass of time-wasting stupidity and agenda-driving. Like university, we’re now better off just not attending, choosing instead something in which we learn actual skills, or help induce progress and happiness in our lives.

You can’t boycott everything, and you probably shouldn’t even embark on that effort because it can consume you. But some things are boycott no-brainers. Like those I mentioned above, and there are more. Boycotting against people or businesses which openly display their disrespect toward you and resent everything you stand for, or lecture you, or which, say, support Marxist-inspired organizations like Black Lives Matter, should most certainly be boycotted. They are out to end you and/or your way of life in one way or another.

Don’t be a martyr. They want to cancel you? You cancel the crap out of the them first.

For my part, rather than watch sports, or shop on Amazon, I will likely spend my extra free time going to the gun range and shooting off a few magazines. I suggest you do the same.



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