There is no “far-left.” There are no “historic” right-wing women. Please understand.

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There are any number of clues as to their bias, and editorial patterns we can see in the “news” media today. One of the most blatant is whenever there is a violent crime. If the perp is white, you’ll know it immediately in the headline and throughout the story. If he’s what today they call “black” or “Arab” or “Muslim,” then skin color or cultural affiliation may not ever even be mentioned. Only white cops kill black people, black people never kill white cops. Please adjust your thinking.

If a politician is arrested for fraud and embezzlement and the political party is not mentioned, then he is most definitely a Democrat, or in Canada a Liberal or NDP or Green or whatever other flavor of progressive. If he’s Republican or Conservative, it’s word number one in the headline, and it’s spelled out immediately and throughout the story.

If a particularly nasty new regulation is spewing forth from the Liberal government, then the source of the sputum is “Ottawa.” Or they focus on the Conservatives’ “outrage”  or that they’re “pouncing” on the Liberals.

Also, as we in the sensible set all know, there are no “conservative” folks. There are only “far-right” folks. And as we also know equally well, there are no “far-left” folks. None. People are either “normal/good,” meaning they’re progressives (and ipso facto “good”) and so it’s not mentioned (or the story isn’t even told), or they’re “far-right” and it’s all over the news. Or at least they’re “right-wing,” but sometimes they’re even a member of the dastardly and vast, enumerable “far-right extremist” cabal which we’re told exists.

And note also that when, for example, they mention the venerable, 50-year-old Fraser Insitute, which is about as mainstream as they come, it’s always prefaced with the warning that it’s “the right-wing Fraser Institute.” )When the “news” outlet’s editor is brand new, they may change it to “right-leaning.”)  No such warning is affixed to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, notwithstanding that the “alternatives” they speak of is flat-out socialism. One reporter/editor team allowed the CCPA to describe themselves. It’s really quite remarkable.

Or this sort of thing happens:

I don’t contend that Meloni is not right-wing. “Far-right?” Maybe even. But again, why mention that? When speaking of the WHO’s Dr. Tedros during the so-called “COVID” days (called “COVID” because he bowed to Communist China’s instance that it not be named the “China Virus” or the “Wuhan Virus” as we’ve done throughout history), did they ever mention that he was “Far-Left?” Because he is! He is literally a communist or at the very least, communist-adjacent. Marxist in particular. But find one example of him ever being called “far-left.” Jagmeet Singh — the Canadian socialist — isn’t even “left-wing” let alone a “far-left extremist!”

Meloni is well-established in Italian politics and mainstream enough to garner lots of Italian votes. But moreover, she’s a she. The first such she. That makes her historic. And I don’t have to tell you that they never miss a chance to list every instance of “historic” that they can when it comes to a Liberal-related or progressive-advancing matter. Every progressive womanly “historic first” is documented in the news media and highlighted over and over. Just as every black, every gay, every “trans,” etc. is. But a conservative or “right-wing” woman (or black) being first at something or accomplishing something great? Shh! 

Naturally, I chimed in:

And then (slightly tangentially) you get a lot of THIS sort of lack of self-awareness — or what looks like that on the surface. It’s actually willful ignorance of facts in order to advance their progressive agenda, in this case using the convenient scapegoat of Israel’s “far-right” government as its muse:

Here’s the way they frame it right up front:

But apparently, they aren’t even aware of this sort of thing happening almost daily in our own country, or more accurately, as in the above cases, and as I just said, they are totally aware but choose willful ignorance in order to advance their progressive agenda. They didn’t write any articles or tweets about this story, which I pointed to on Twitter (X!), which points to a terrific article right at this web site, which apparently the CTV-folk don’t read for some reason! This Canadian story speaks to a really rabid brand of intolerance, division, perhaps even hate, and certainly dangerous rhetoric being spewed not by “Ottawa,” but by a Liberal MP, right in our Canadian Parliament:

You should read it and watch the video I included of her hideous, vapid remarks.

They know exactly what they’re doing.

And we do too.

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