The T targeting children makes Target the target

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In the LGBTQQ2S+… alphabet soup, there is an invisible line between the B and the T. Read about it in this fine, fine article I spent so much time on yesterday and even added to today: Gay Pride: the alphabet ends with B

T doesn’t stand for Target. But the Target excrement didn’t hit the fan until it was clearly about T — trans ideology. And in particular, trans ideology (any sexual ideology) targeting children. That’s become the line in the sand for many people. Well that and ruining women’s sports. Well, also the uber-sexualized drag shows in schools and public libraries, in which very weird men dress up in hypersexualized weird-ass women’s outfits (which degrade women) or sometimes baby clothes, and “read to” children for reasons that are utterly inexplicable and probably evil.

Nike, Google, and virtually every company and government on Earth have paid homage to the gay or gay pride crowd for ages. An argument can be made that’s become way overbaked, but nobody really cared that much and they still don’t care. It’s only when the trans “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney dressed up like a weird-ass fake sexualized 1950s Barbie doll-like woman and literally mocked Bud Light’s customer base and literally insulted real women, that people rightly lashed out. Including gay people.

Anheuser-Busch Stock Enters Bear Territory Amid Anti-Trans Bud Light Backlash. From Forbes June 1 2023

Target — the place where working mothers and fathers are invited to bring their kids and grandma to shop for everything — went ahead and did the same as Transheuser Busch’s Bud Light, only instead of sticking a weird trans guy on the label and featuring him — him — in videos, they commissioned a line of “LGBTQQ2S+” (did I leave out any letter, numbers, or punctuation? LOL) clothing and accessories featuring transgender gear — for children. Babies. Toddlers.

And then they had the balls (or the ovaries) to place that display right at the entrance of every store so little Cathy and Cody would have to walk around it to get to the toy isle, after asking mom and dad what “tuck-friendly” means; and grandma would have to roll her walker around it while wondering what in tarnation has gone wrong with the world she is leaving behind.

It doesn’t help that Target contracted with a guy known for his clothing and accessory line which advocates for Satan, for their pro-LGBTQ (with an emphasis on the T for  Transgender) accessories. I’d love to hear what Grandma has to say about this creature from hell.

The woke-emboldened arrogance and their dismissiveness of families — their own customer base — is really quite astonishing even to jaded old me. It’s like they were kicking every American family in the crotch and then demanding a thank you. No wonder they were selling kids’ clothes with penis-tucking crotch areas!

Hey kids! Yes you toddlers too!
You too can pretend you don’t have a penis — and be like a girl!
Unsaid: When you get a chance, you can get it chopped right off!

Hey little girls. Got some of the nuisance “breasts” growing in?
“Bind” them up! Be a man! UNSAID: Chop them off later!
(Or is that just an “expression?”)

This week I dared reply to a hideous ABC News (or “News”) tweet about it (there were tons like it). Here’s their tweet in which you can see they presume to declare those who were taken aback by the Target stores’ “pride” displays featuring Satam-inspired (seriously!) transgender gear including that for babies, toddlers, and children, as “anti-LGBTQ extremists and violent protesters.

“[A]nti-LGBTQ extremists and violent protesters”! It’s almost as if these people had “unacceptable views!” (TM Justin Trudeau). It reminds me of the good, concerned American parents who went to school board meetings to complain about the radical leftist woke progressive gender ideology and DEI crap that they found out was being foisted on their kids in school without the parents’ knowledge. And for their trouble of being good parents, were then called “domestic terrorists” by none other than Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland (Dem).

As a so-called “anti-LGBTQ extremist and violent protester,” as opposed to just a normal person, and one who sympathized with those who objected, I felt like speaking up to correct the record:

Well, then the fun began. I got lots of “likes” (if 134 is “lots”), but any number of the tolerant set — those who demand we “tolerate” them and their often radical culture and choices (and by “tolerate” they mean embrace, respect, take a knee, and pay homage), angrily chimed in with their grand displays of tolerance. I was bestowed with the likes of these, um, ideas, although I’m sure I missed several examples of their, um, reaching out:

-[I] “sht on the constitution daily”
-“stuck living in a very sheltered world”
-“have no understanding of life outside your bubble”
-“willfully ignorant”
-“hate-filled snowflake”
-“fascist snowflake”
“White supremacist”
-“pathetic bigot”

Now as we in the sensible — or what I call “normal” and “good parents” set (as opposed to “anti-LGBTQ extremists or violent protesters” set) all know, the objection to Target stores’ displays wasn’t an objection to “gay stuff” or “pride” stuff being displayed. That is a total lie. Obfuscation. Diversion. Misdirection. Bullshit. And it’s not gay people who are primarily making these BS assertions, it is the members of the radical trans ideology cult. And groomers.

It was Target’s perverse compulsion to thrust it right in the faces of the families that dared go to Target to shop for fun-slides and family camping gear. And targeting their blessed children! (And causing no end of confusion and possibly a good dose of indignant consternation from Grandma!)

Normals — including gay normals! — simply wanted that down-your-throat woke agenda (and possibly groomer) display moved to a more out-of-your-face location of the store. And they wished Target wasn’t becoming another Bud Light-type left-wing activist woke center of influence, wherein literal Satan-inspired transgender garbage wasn’t being pushed on their children. How dare they!

Don’t ever cower in the face of this intolerance and idiocy. If BS words like “fascist” or “bigot” is all these radicals have got, and it is, then we’re winning.

UPDATE June 2 2023:

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